Teacup Mosaic

On Saturday, I went to a flea market with my friend Mary and her mother. We found a few things, but, that's for another post.

Afterwards, I ventured by myself to the Salvation Army store in Wilmington. I had two recommendations about this store from friends so I decided to check it out. I had never been to a Salvation Army store but I was told you can find some amazing things for very little money.

A quick walk through and I was ready to leave immediately. It looked like the store was filled with either racks and racks of clothes or country decor. Neither of which interested me. I was almost one foot out the door when I spied some teacups in a showcase. I looked and sure enough, there were teacups!! They were just the kind I like, footed and/or lustreware.

I asked how much and I was told they were $4.99 each. I bought 5 of them. When I got them home I put them with the old tea chest I just purchased from Barn House. Then of course I had to photograph them for you!

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Bobbi Ann said…
Very beautiful mosaic!!!
They're absolutely beautiful!!
violetlady said…
I love the juxtaposition of the delicate tea cup and the rough gunpowder box.
Debbiedoos said…
What a buy! I collect tea pots and saucers too, yours are magnificent!
Regina said…
Lovely tea cups!
Oh my! What beautiful tea cups!!! So dainty. Cathy
So pretty! I found some Haviland china on my way out of a Goodwill one time. It was a good deal too! Your teacups are really pretty ones!~Patti
Luna said…
Oh, I like it!
Beautiful tea-cups!
Happy Monday..Luna
Meri said…
And I'm so glad you did! They're beautiful.
Isn't it so fun to find such beautiful treasures and for a bargain, too!?! And the Salvation Army is such an outstanding charitable organization, doing good works around the world.

Julie@beingRUBY said…
Lovely Elaine
I'm just drinking a cup of tea now but not in a cup as pretty as these. You did well getting them for that price! They look great with the tea chest too.. Have a great week.. xx Julie
Carol said…
Lucky you! They're so pretty!
Very pretty mosaic!

I love vintage tea cups --you got theses at a wonderful price!

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