After visiting my friend Beth at her shop, Studio B, I went next door to Nesting.(See this month's post on Studio B). It's always a joy to go to Nesting.

The owners are queens of merchandising. Each vignette is a visual treat.

I would buy it all if I had the money.

Don't you love a mix of old and new?

Interesting items to choose from.

Oh be still my heart, a tea cart!

Cool shelving and a continuation of the nesting theme.

If I had a porch I would buy this stand and display some plants. Wonder if my condo mates would mind it if I put in the front foyer? It would look great there!

I like the color of this planter and I really like this collection of mirrors.

Well I escaped with most of my money still in my wallet. I bought one cute little item and I will post it before Easter. Promise. Once the sun comes out again, I will photograph it in natural light.

Till next time....


violetlady said…
Nice pictures. I especially love that tea cart. It is just what I am looking for. Wish I could find one like that around here. I just posted pictures of my recent visit to an antique store. Please stop by!
What beautiful things!! ♥
Salmagundi said…
You really should have that tea cart! It would fit in with your condo and life perfectly. Have a joyous Easter weekend. Sally
How I adore the framed nest! I know I could find the perfect spot in my house to hang that, I just know it!

Sweet shop, the kind that really does make you want to buy a huge bag full of stuff. Glad you escaped with your finances intact ; )
violetlady said…
I am leaving another comment that I forgot last time. My daughter lives in Andover and I will be up there in two weeks. I am going to put Nesting on our list of things to do.
Fete et Fleur said…
I'm loving this shop! What great items and yes, the planter is fantastic!

Congratulations on your photos below. You captured some lovely faces.

French-Kissed said…
Your blog is just delightful. So glad you dropped by French Kissed and left a comment for it led me here to a site full of inspiration. I have enjoyed my first visit so very much and plan to return soon. Have a wonderful weekend.


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