Happy St Patrick's Day

Sorry, I don't have any images of Ireland to share. I travelled to Ireland in 1985 and again in 1996, but, that was before the digital age so all my photos are in albums.

The photo above was taken outside a bakery called Breads 'N Bits of Ireland in Melrose, Massachusetts. I suspect they will be quite busy tomorrow.

I want to share one story from my first trip to the Emerald Isle. My friend Debbi
and I went on a jaunting car ride in Killarney. I wanted to get some great photos so I told Debbi I wanted to sit right behind the horse in the first row. Debbi, who knew a thing or two about horses said, "Are you sure you want to sit RIGHT behind the horse?" I said, "Yes, I want to see everything!" Oh yeah, I saw EVERYTHING and I smelled everything too! Oh the smell of the poop! Disgusting!

I grabbed the nearest blanket on the wagon and covered my face with it shielding my nose from the smell. Later I wrapped the blanket around me since the weather got cool. Now, picture me all wrapped up in this blanket with my face buried in it up to my nose.

The ride ended, the wagon stopped, and the driver turned to me and said in his thick Irish accent, "Now you be sure and give the horse back his blanket, ok?"

I nearly died and Debbi had herself a real good laugh. I hope you did too!

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Kathleen said…
LOL, that was good. I like the name of the bakery too.
My son went to Holy Cross in MA. And my dil BC. Loved to go visit there..and we went to Cape Cod for many years..
Thanks for stopping by!
Haha, that's a funny story. My biggest dream is to travel to Ireland someday. Such a beautiful country.

Have a Happy St. Patty's Day!
Foley said…
Always nice to meet another "Foley"...
Loved your story...LOL Hope you didn't start itching!! Those are the types of stories that are never forgotten.
Marigene said…
I am still laughing...great story!
Donna said…
Very funny story. And luck you, getting to really go to Ireland.

Joanne Kennedy said…
That is so funny! My niece almost did the same thing when we were in Canada last year. Only not because of the smell just that she was cold. The driver told her ahead of time the blankets are the horses.

I love your blog and am so happy you stopped by my blog to say hi.

Good luck on winning my giveaway.

I love your kitty and also that photo at the top of your post. It's lovely. Very professional looking!

Julie@beingRUBY said…
hahaha that's funny!!!
beware of the front row!!! Happy St Patrick's day Elaine.. I love that banner shot.. beautiful xx Julie
Unknown said…
Great story, lol.

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Martha said…
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too! Thanks for stopping by :-)
Unknown said…

We did that jaunting car trip back in the 80's too! Probably the same blanket :)

Thanks for joining in the carnival.

We are holidaying in New England this summer - Cape Cod and Concord MA - any recommendations?

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