Got water?

The rain has finally stopped! I guess Mother Nature decided three days of rain was enough punishment. More than enough I say.

Throughout New England, we've had flooding, loss of electricity and heat, a little snow, some sleet, downed trees, and backyards that look like ponds. Basically Mother Nature hit us with her best shot.

In my own little world, things aren't that bad. Made it to work this morning without incident. Came home at lunchtime to check on the basement. Yes, there was water but not that much. By dinnertime, there was lots of water, some of the small rugs down there were floating. One of the guys in the building had lent his mother a pump so he got it back so we could pump out our basement. Hopefully, it works.

With such bad weather, there was not much opportunity for trying out the new camera. So I took some indoor shots of the lovely Molly.

She wasn't too thrilled about being my model but she did do a few poses for me. We will put these shots in her portfolio.


What a beautiful cat :)

It stopped raining here too, and is now absolutely gorgeous out! Spring is definitely near♥
The Curious Cat said…
Aw Molly looks lovely! Sorry to hear about your basement - what a nightmare! I hope it dries up soon xxx
Sweet Sage said…
She is a VeRy LoVeLY girl.
Hope you have dried out by now.
Sending warm sunshine your way .. 89 degrees here today .. .
Carole said…
I was just coming over from Julie's blog and saw my kitty! hahaha. I'm sorry I didn't even read your lovely post! Ours has been a little ill lately but she's getting better.
Have to run but I'll be back later!

ps...I'm a NE'er too!

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