Chalkboard Obsession

One of my newest obsessions is collecting chalkboards. I didn't even realize it was an obsession/addiction until I started photographing some of the items in my kitchen. I was practicing with the new camera and I noticed I had 3 chalkboards in the kitchen!

This first one is a chalkboard platter from Pottery Barn. It is actually a set of 2 chalkboard platters. The rectangular one is up high above the refrigerator. I didn't photograph it. I got the platters about a month ago.

You remember Mr. Rabbit don't you? He's probably my favorite chalkboard. He has been with me for years. He came from Home Goods.

This is an adhesive chalkboard I got at Home Goods last year. If you look closely you can see my friend Don has drawn a cat on it. I think it would be cool to make this look like a French restaurant menu. What do you think?

Which one is your favorite?



Funny how obsessions creep up on you! I like the rabbit chalkboard too. Often times I've thought of putting a chalkboard in our kitchen but there's really no room.
Susan Terese said…
i think a french menu chalkboard is a great idea :)
violetlady said…
I like the one that Mr. Rabbit is holding. I think there is some kind of paint you can buy to make your own chalkboards. I am not a crafty person, but I saw it somewhere.
Martha said…
The bunny is my favorite, love them all :-)
Teresa said…
I love the rabbit chalkboard because I collect rabbits. But I think they are all great! I think that with chalkboard paint, one can make anything a board anymore. Wish I had room for some in my kitchen. What fun!
shannon i olson said…
great chalkboards, I love the rabbit, I painted my pantry door with chalk paint and a cover for a casserol basket, I can write what is inside when I bring a dish to a friends.

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