Valentine's Tea

I took Friday off from work to prepare for Saturday's Valentine's Tea. I wanted the table to look elegant so I spent a lot of time on the selection of dishes. I knew which cups I would use, my new ones from Anthropologie. I actually had some of the Anthro teacups and I used them at Christmas. I wanted to buy more of them since I only had a few. I had the staff at my local store calling every store all the way down the East Coast looking for the Gellert Salon teacups. Anyway, two stores still had them in stock and so I was able to pick up five more.

I took a photo of the table before the guests arrived. It was a mish mash of new and old, some Home Goods, Anthropologie and a little vintage. The flowers were sent to me from customers, a lovely couple from Beijing now living in Massachusetts.

Most of the remaining photos were taken by my friend Don.

A fruit flan on a pedestal. I had been eyeing this stand for a while. Friday it was on sale at Home Goods and I had a gift card in my purse and so I bought it and a taller one too. Thank you Clara!

Vintage look valentines with just a bit of sparkle. The napkins were from Pier One.

Mary made her fabulous scones and I supplied the lemon curd and strawberry jam. My sister made the mock devonshire cream. It was sooo good!

There's one of the infamous Anthro cups and a vintage creamer in the background. I love the colors and pattern on it.

Yum! A chocoholics delight! Dainty petit fours and heart shaped Ghiardelli brownies.

Here's Sheila's mock devonshire cream. I put it in a candy dish which was on my desk just days earlier.

We had loose tea and tea in sachets. I like to use Harney tea and of course Harrod's No. 42 otherwise known as the best Earl Grey on earth.

When I have a scone I put lemon curd on one side and strawberry jam on the other. These scones were perfect!

Chocolate dipped strawberries, macarons, and pink shortbread hearts rounded out the dessert tray.

I couldn't believe that Molly slept on my bed the whole afternoon. Actually, she and I had a difference of opinion earlier in the day. She tried to jump on the table and eat the tulips. I screamed and stomped my feet to scare her. She retreated to the bedroom. Well, she shouldn't be eating tulips and she shouldn't be on the table!

Everyone went home with a favor of 2 sugar cookie hearts and hopefully a warm feeling of friendship and love for Valentine's Day. Hope you all have a wonderful
day too!


I always learn a little bit more about tea and giving a tea when I come here. This was fabulous. The Harrod's do you find that? Is it from the acclaimed store in London?? Or did it originate there? I LOVE Earl Grey tea in the morning (after my 1st eye opening cup of coffee!!). Your tea things are so pretty. I love your new cups and saucers, the one looks so pretty in your header.

The desserts have me craving something sweet!! I love little cakes. Everything looks like a big, delicious sugar buzz!!

Lovely, Elaine! Oh, I just learned to make scones from scratch and would love the mock Devonshire cream recipe...

Marilyn said…
My cat must be banned from the house when we have tea time for guests. She unwillingly spends time in the garage and is so vocal about it people can hear her. One time my sweet SIL let her back into the house because she felt sorry for the cat!

Your tea time looked lovely and would have been fun to be there with you.
Salmagundi said…
What fun - your teas are always so special. Just seeing the macaroons made me drool and pine for Paris. Take care, Sally
Michelle said…
How perfect for Valentine's Day!! A tea. Okay you need to open your tea house. There, I've said it. You are the perfect host!!

kayellen said…
A beautiful tea party!!
I love those teacups~~~so pretty:)

Kay Ellen
Julie@beingRUBY said…
HI Elaine
Once again a beautiful banner photo!!

Well this all looks scrumptious! How sweet you are to have your friends over for a Valentine's Tea... Everything looks quite beautiful.. your teacups and the plate stand.. and I love the candy jar too...but today my favourite thing is that Valentine's card.. the colours are just wonderful and it not too frou frou.. just the right amount of frou frou.. hahaha.....

Poor Molly... but you are's shouldn't eat Tulips!! hehehe... Have a great week xx Julie
Velva said…
Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Sweet Sage said…
Soooooo BeAuTiFuL, Elaine!
Everything looks so yuMMy .. what a fabulous hostess you are, I'm sure all in attendance felt very special. And I hope sweet Molly and you are friends again :)
January Asia said…
Kudos to your Valentine's Day tea party. Everything looks so lovely.

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