Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romeo?

It's almost Valentine's Day and I want all those would be secret admirers to know what really makes my heart go pitter patter. If you want to win my heart, here's
some suggestions.This 1940's style Champs Elysees dress is from J Peterman. I think this style dress is figure flattering and I do love polka dots.

I need some curtains for my bedroom and these from Anthropologie would look great. And the style is called Adorations, perfect for Valentine's Day.

How did you know I've been wanting a fireplace? This one is from Old House Parts in Kennebunk, Maine and it would look fabulous with the white mouldings throughout my condo.

And doesn't a fireplace look fabulous with a cool mirror over it? Again, this is from Anthropologie and made from recycled mirrors.

I don't know where I would put one of these doctors cabinets but I sure do like the look. They're from Mothology.

My old sofa has seen better days. The cats use it as a scratching post and it's an embarassment. This fainting sofa from Urban Outfitters would add a touch of style to my living room.

I realize some of those gifts are a bit extravagant for Valentine's Day so perhaps they can be a combination of Valentine's and early birthday gifts.

I've always wanted to go to the Daffodil weekend on Nantucket Island. The island is at it's prettiest during Daffodil season and there are so many fun activities to attend. I think I'm ready to make my reservations.

This is probably the best bargain of all. A chocolate trolley tour of Boston. This three hour event showcases Boston's landmarks and satisfies the sweet tooth.

If you read my prior perfect Valentine post, you'd know that Oscar is my Valentine. He's a little short on cash this year so looks like I'll be waiting a while longer for the couch, curtains, etc. Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right?

Wishing you all a perfect Valentine's Day.


Michelle said…
Oh my gosh, I want them all too!! And that secret admirer. Lol! I want that dress!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweet kitties...from me and my sweet kitties. :)

Salmagundi said…
Great gifts! I've always wanted one of those Dr. cabinets, too. I'd settle for the chocolate though. Sally
kayellen said…
What a fun post~~I love the trolley ride in Boston..wish I could go this weekend!

Received my gift/prize!
So sweet the way you wrapped it!

Thank you!!You made my day~~~

Kay Ellen

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