Design Dilemma

I just did my taxes and yippee, I'm getting a refund! So I thought it might be time to address the issue of my living room windows, specifically the fact that I need drapes or some type of covering. As you can see, there are three windows and they are fairly close together.

Right now, there are just blinds on the windows. I don't like blinds but they
serve their purpose. I'm not sure what to do to make the room look more cozy
and stylish.

I really like the mouldings so I don't want to cover them up completely. So what would you do? Any ideas from my blogging friends would be greatly appreciated.


Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Elaine
I think they are perfect candidates for some sort of Roman Blind.. I know I am biased and like all things Italian.. haha.. but the Roman blind is simple and still allow those window surrounds to shine... Friend has some gorgeous ones.. wish I had a picture to show you.. xx Julie

PS.. thanks for the reminder.. I need to do my taxes too!!
Your room seems very simple and romantic so if it were me I'd probably go with lace valances. That way you'd still get the light and the casings won't be overwhelmed by a heavier fabric. I like this design in the Fan Swag style

Bamboo shades give a nice natural feel too.

Good luck!

It looks like a cove area with the angles. I have that in my liv rm but the ceiling is a little lowered in my cove. I used 2 short decorative rods in white with finials (abt 24"long) on each end with drapery fabric hanging straight down. I placed round drapery hold backs in line with the rods in between the rods (I used 2 white ones) to drape fabric over then kind of wrap on the short rods to the sides and fall down with the side draperies. My drapes were floral and the scarf/fabric was solid color. It looked very elegant but warm and comfortable. There's a photo on my 3-5-08 post

Just an idea I've used.
Hugs, Sherry
vicki archer said…
I think the roman blinds are a good idea if you wish to show off the mouldings....xv
Elaine said…
Thanks Ladies.

I took a look at some roman shades
online and I saw some with beading at the bottom that looked nice.

I am going to look at the lace valances too.

Thanks for the inspiration!

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