A walk around my neighborhood

A day off and fresh fallen snow, the perfect opportunity to take a walk around my neighborhood and snap a few shots.

I like seeing remnants of Christmas decorations, especially in the snow. We're so busy at holiday time we often miss our own neighbors decorations. So I took them all in today.

I think blue houses look so pretty in the snow.

This is my favorite house on the street. It's a Gothic cottage and it was once a train station. I actually was interested in buying this house some years ago, but,
it was too pricey for me. It's funny that I ended up buying a condo on the same street.

An icy lantern in the front yard of the gothic cottage.

Another shot of the cottage. I do love window boxes. Sadly, there are none at my condo. Actually I kill plants and flowers.

Even the porch screens had snow on them.

I just love how the neighborhood looks when it snows. Everything looks so small, almost cozy in a way. You would think it would be feel colder after it snows but sometimes it's just the opposite. Once the storm is over it usually warms up and the air is clean and refreshing. It's quiet except for the crackling of the snow beneath my feet.

I'm already looking forward to the next storm!


Elaine said…
Love the photos you snaped on your walk. Snow makes such a lovely backdrop and changed the look of many things we would ordinary pass by.
Julie@beingRUBY said…
HI Elaine
I love the blue house and your 'Gothic' house..Teh homes in your neighbourhood are just amazing... lovely... around here all the beautiful old homes are being knocked down for mcmansions which really saddens me....

Of course I love all the extra snow too!! my pretend white christmas... Have a great week and thanks for yet another lovely tour xx Julie
suesueb said…
Your photos are breathtaking! I love the gothic house too. Thanks for sharing with all Southern folks without snow!!
Tricia said…
Love this post giving us one last peek at Christmas. The gothic house is my favorite too.
The Curious Cat said…
So beautiful...I love the snow and the houses look so quaint and sweet...love the banner at the mo too. xxx
Michelle said…
Oh my, I can't believe it's snowing that much there! Well wait, you are in New England. Lol! Beautiful, beautiful walk....what cozy weather. Now I can definitely imagine you all cuddled up with the kit kats. :)

We have been having windy, warmer weather. Very strange. Windy as it REALLY windy...kinda scary windy. I woke at 2 a.m. with the blinds flapping and very warm.
Fete et Fleur said…
Oh My! What white beauty! Your photos made me feel as if I were there with you.

kayellen said…
Sooo pretty!!
Love all the snow dusted landscape~~

Just raining here!

Have a good weekend Elaine:)

Donna said…
You must live in one of the most scenic towns in Massachusetts - I absolutely want to move right into your photos! Just gorgeous!... Donna
What a lovely neighborhood you live in Elaine. Beautiful scenery. Aren't you loving how pretty the snow makes everything look? I know I am!

Too bad we have rain about to descend upon us : (
Jan's camera said…
These pictures are so pretty. You are lucky you live in a condo in a neighborhood. I live in a condo complex. No neighborhood..

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