Snowy Saturday and a Trip to Harvard Square

A storm was predicted and it had already started to snow. I planned to stay home with the kitties on this snowy Saturday.

I usually make a trip into Harvard Square before Christmas. I love to browse in the unique shops and people watch. There are many great eateries there too. This Christmas I didn't make it to Harvard Square.

So I was thrilled when my friend Kim called to ask if I was interested in going there on this Saturday afternoon. It was snowing and cold but Burdick's Hot Chocolate was calling.

We drove in and parked at Harvard University since Kim had a parking pass. Harvard Yard looked gorgeous in the snow as we walked through it.

At Burdick's we walked past the man keeping count of how many hot chocolate lovers were in the shop. Maximum occupancy is 49 and it is strictly enforced.

A winter wonderland awaited us. Twigs and branches were suspended from the ceiling and glass snowflakes and icicles dangled and caught the light. It was quite beautiful and an idea I may use in the condo mext Christmas.

Here's an overall view of the shop. See how cool it looks?

I ordered a small dark chocolate with a cinnamon luxembourger just like the macarons in Paris. The photo is blurry due to the fact that I was suffering from chocolate intoxication. Just the smell made me woozy with excitement!

Here's the outside of Burdick's, the steam on the window just adds to it's mystique. We browsed a bit in a few shops and then it started to really snow so we crossed Harvard Yard and headed home.

It was an enjoyable spontaneous excursion!


You take the most wonderful little road trips! I so enjoy tagging along.

Harvard Square, someplace I've never been. Actually there's a lot of places I've never been in New England. Hope you were able to do a little bit of browsing before you had to head back home. The snow hasn't stopped here for two days yet it's mostly light fluffy stuff.

Hope you and kitties are staying warm today!
Lenore said…
Burdick's looks absolutely lovely and you're right about the Christmas decorations....great ideas for next Christmas.
Happy New Year.

You so made me want to be at Burdicks!! You make hot chocolate sound as inviting as tea!!! Speaking of the branch and twig lighting, I saw something similar in a restaurant. Simple branches in pots of sand, all lit up. My idea for next year (maybe)!!!

Julie@beingRUBY said…
Dear Elaine
I always want to visit every place you post on... this is no exception... i love the chocolate intoxication comment.. hehe have fun in the snow!! xx Julie
Michelle said…
What a fun, fun day!!! You always have the most interesting little day trips. Love your header.

Happy New Year!!


Michelle and the kitties :)
Donna said…
Oh, gosh, you take such beautiful photos and visit such interesting places!

I think you'll love your new tinsel ornaments! How funny that we both ordered the same ones! Great minds that think alike, right?... Donna
The Curious Cat said…
Gosh, I wish I lived where you did! So beautiful...alas!

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