Flea Market Finds

It's Saturday and a perfect day to visit a flea market. I chose to go to a flea market I had never been to before. This one was in Revere, Massachusetts in the basement of St Anthony's Church. I had heard from friends that this flea market
had some great finds. I am usually looking for teacups (because I don't have enough), linens, and interesting old books. Occasionally I look for jewelry.

When I entered the basement of the church, I was overwhelmed. A quick scan of the space and I almost headed back out into the cold. I have no interest in old records, shot glasses, dishtowels with crocheted tops, and tupperware. No offense to those that like things like that but it's just not MY thing.

I did go through each aisle because you never know. There were a few teacups for sale but nothing very pretty or interesting. Finally, one bright shining light.
There was a table, beautifully merchandised. She used wooden boxes and crates to display her wares. She had old books and interesting items. She was eager to speak with her customers. I found out she used to be a merchandiser at a department store.

Every item I bought came from this one woman's display. The books and the old magazine caught my eye. They will be great for display. I will enjoy reading the poems and the magazine has some wonderful old ads in it.

The hatboxes will make elegant storage pieces and hold any clutter at bay. I think I will use them on the bookcase in my hallway.

This sweet little miss spoke to me. The seller told me she thought she was about 40 years old. If you looked at the back of her you would see she was originally meant to be a pajama bag. Do you remember those? I do, I had one when I was a kid.

Here's another view of her. She may just sit on the chair in the living room. Not quite sure where she'll look best, but, I am happy she has a new home. All she needs is a name.

This interesting item is part of an iron fence taken from a baptist church in Lynn, Massachusetts. The woman at the booth told me her husband does a lot of restoration work and he had to do work on the church fence. It was my good fortune to run into her at the flea market. She thinks the piece would make a nice doorstop. I think I will just display it on a shelf. To me, it's just really cool to look at and it doesn't need to be functional.

So after a disappointing start, I think you can see I had a fun time at the Revere
Flea Market!


kayellen said…
I love the old books you found~~~Wonderful Elaine!
and what a cute doll!!

Warm hugs from California..we have some sunshine today!!Yeah:)

The books are fabulous, Elaine. I once had a long shelf filled with books from an estate sale, all old and so interesting. Now, I don't have the room. How lucky you were to find the table. It was good of you to take a walk around...a lesson to be learned for both of us!!

Oh my gosh! That doll is wonderful. You could name her Suzanne and give her to me! I love the snowy photos of your neighborhood too. Just lovely.

You just never know what you are going to find!~Patti
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Elaine
How fabulous.. you know I always make a bee line for the silver things.. but it's true you need to really 'look' to find the special things.. This little miss is SO adorable.. I'm pretty sure I had a pyjamas bag also but can't remember what it was... got me intrigued now..

Well I think all your finds are wonderful... have a great week.. xx Julie

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