Cat with Water

I don't usually post videos from You Tube on my blog, but, the cat lover in me
couldn't resist. This was sent to me by a coworker today and I am sure you will
enjoy it as much as I did.

The star of the video reminds me of my own Molly. She loves the water too!


Oh my goodness this is soooo funny. I had to watch it twice!
I saw this video a while ago, isn't it hysterical? I've never seen a cat that liked water quite that much though I'm sure there are plenty of them out there.

I'd say this cat is fairly famous by now.
Jan's camera said…
This is TOO funny! Thanks for sharing. My little guy Felix loves water also. He is fascinated by it. He also drinks from the faucet but this cat dunking his head is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year.
Sweet Sage said…
too toooooo funny!
thanks for sharing, i needed the laugh!
hope you are staying warm (and try not to get your head too wet :)
Donna said…
Well this kitty video has me just cracking up! I have seen cats drink from running faucets, but never to the extreme that this little one does! LOVED it - thanks for sharing!!... Donna

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