We're Hibernating

BRRR! Today was so cold! I went out this afternoon and nearly got blown off the sidewalk. Right now it's 13 degrees in Boston but with a wind advisory and gusts of up to 50 miles per hour the temperature feels like 15 below zero on the skin!

So we will hunker down for the remainder of the day. Me and the kitties will amuse ourselves with a little TV, some blogging, books and magazines. I could clean but what the heck, I'm on vacation.

Molly will find the warmest sunniest spot in the condo.

Oscar will burrow into the feather bed and the bed covers. When the wind howls, he'll hide between the quilt and the comforter underneath.

I'll warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book.

Actually hibernating isn't so bad is it?


Salmagundi said…
OOH! Are those Paris-type macaroons I see on that plate? Yum. Stay warm. Sally
Well, at least we know how to make the best of extreme weather, Elaine!! Your cocoa and cookies look like a wonderful respite from the storm and the kitties are great company. Enjoy!! :-)

You sure do know how to make the most of a winters day. It all sounds good to me but I'd like a cat (or dog) to snuggle with too.

Both Molly and Oscar are so fortunate to have a warm and loving home. Molly is charming sitting next to the light : )

Wanda Lee said…
Well what a delight! I'm absolutely loving what you've done with your blog, as well as what you've posted recently my dear!

It is indeed a splendid and wonderful idea to hibernate and enjoy a good book , your kitties and a hot cup of cocoa or hot chocolate when winters' chill takes hold!..,

Thanks for visiting my, The French Dressing Room blog, as well as for those kind and complementary words regarding our dressing room/ closet project!..,

You are also most warmly invited to pop over to visit and enjoy ,Tuesday Tea For Two, blog tea party @ The Plumed Pen blog as well as for, Wednesday Tea For Me And thee' @ Silken Purse blog where some of the prettiest pictures to date await you and have been posted for our little cyber tea parties!~ Enjoy!..,

Happy New Year from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Dear Elaine
Thanks for being such a great blogging friend in 2009. I hope your Christmas was delightful and that you enjoy your little hibernation there!!

Here's to Happy 2010!!! xxx Julie
Elaine said…
Yes Sally, they are the Paris type macaroons. This photo was taken at Burdick's in Harvard Square. They used to call them Luxembourgers but I think now they call them macarons.

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