Daytrip to Sage Farm Antiques

A friend of a friend told me about a fantastic place for antiques. I love to go antiquing so I took a vacation day on Friday so I could see for myself.

My friend Kim joined me and we made the trip north to North Hampton, New Hampshire to check out Sage Farm Antiques. It only took about 1 hour and 1 toll to get there. The theme for the weekend was Over the River and Through the Woods.

This dress form was one of the first items I saw so I knew I was going to love this place. Kim and I both wanted the dress form but we decided to spend out dollars elsewhere.

I love anything to do with skating but these skates did not come home with me.

I thought this scale would be a fun addition to my kitchen but I didn't even price it.

Although I love this. I think it might be a little over the top for my home.

Every display was so interesting. This picnic basket had a tea set with it, cute!

Yes, of course I bought some vintage ornaments. I couldn't resist!

Cool doors and windows. If only I had the room!

How could you not go inside this place?

You know this went home with me.

Here's a view of the property. Perhaps I should have started with this photo.

After all the shopping madness, Kim and I went for breakfast at the Village Pancake House in Rowley. We were starving at this point. We each had a full breakfast and then we split an order of cinnamon pancakes! Ok it only amounted to one each and Kim took the other one home.

I would eat my shoe if it had cinnamon on it!

I got some really great things at Sage Farm and one of the items I bought I will post about very soon. I just don't have the photos yet, but, stay tuned.


Jeesh Elaine, I wish I'd known you would be in the area, I would have come to meet you! SFA isn't too far from me.

Glad you had a good visit. Can't say I've ever stopped by but they sure do have some good stuff! Wonder if my parents still have their old ornaments??? Hmmm....
Salmagundi said…
I think I was at that antique store a year ago last summer. It sure looks familiar, and I know we antiqued a lot in New Hampshire. Can't wait to see what you bought. It's sure cold in Colorado - hope you are staying warm. Sally
kayellen said…
Oh I love that ice skate!!!
Reminds of my red clogs I decorate for Christmas each year:)
I would love to have that old white door too!!!

Have a wonderful week Elaine!!

Jan's camera said…
Hi, I'm only now catching up on your blog. It's wonderful. I love cinammon also. On everything. I love figure skating too. I took group lessons for a few years not too long ago. I can't wait for the spring to visit Sage Farm Antiques.
Janet said…
They have a shop in Maine called Cattail Antiques ( or something) which is a lovely shop as well! I haven't been to Rowley to the Pancake House in years, probably over 30, scary is that??

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