Christmas excitement

After the Christmas Soiree and all the visiting, shopping, and eating. We're tired and in need of a cat nap. Oscar and Molly spent their days exploring the new smells coming in to the condo. New people to sniff, foods, shopping bags, the smell of candles and spiced cider. All good smells but definitely sensory overload for their quiet existence.

Take a look and you can see why they are tired.

Molly wanted a doll for Christmas. And by hook or by crook, she was going to get one!

Oscar was planning his next move. Climb the tree or fight with my sister?

Ok, a game of cat and mouse with my sister!

Molly still wants the doll but may settle for the cat ornament.

Molly tried to disguise herself as a bookcase decoration.

I think she thinks I left the room. Now she's after that rather enticing vintage ornament.

As promised some shots of the condo rooms with their decorations. A shot of the living room as seen from the dining room.

And one of the dining room as scene from the living room. All is calm, all is bright at the moment since the kitties are asleep.

A shot from the living room window. Yes, it will be a white Christmas!

My tree topper from Pottery Barn, the right size for a small tree.

The peace dove is one of my favorites.

We hung bobeches from the hall lights. In lieu of a chandelier this will do. The play of light was wonderful.

Blurry view of the dining room hutch. Themes of skating and tea and cats. I added real greenery last week before my party.

I got these glittery cones and box at Sage Farm Antiques earlier in the month. I thought it might brighten up the bookcase which is stained with a color called Carribean Rum so it's very dark.

Molly woke up and wants to see what's going on outside. Note the little bobeche at the top of the photo.

My hallway tree and favorite photo of ballerinas from Marblehead.

A new addition to the bookcase. Mini stockings for Molly and Oscar. I like the dark wood with the colors of burgundy and green. This is where I store my collection of magazines.

The top of the dining room hutch. Greenery and clocks and a special teacup and vintage photo.

The brass reindeer and sleigh that Molly was after.

A cloche filled with vintage ornaments.

Skating themed shelf on the hutch.

That's it you've seen it all, the shenanigans of the kitties and the condo tour.

Nothing left to do but enjoy the next days with family and friends.

Wishing all of you a peaceful holiday season.


Your kitties are so cute! Aren't they just the most entertaining little critters to watch? Looks like they had a lot of Christmas excitement to keep them busy! Your home looks so pretty....Have a wonderful holiday season!~Patti

Your home is so pretty! I just love it! What a wonderful job you did decorating it for the holidays. Oscar and Molly certainly do have a great life. Spoiled, just like a cat should be.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas my friend.

Sharon : )
Anonymous said…
That was so cute with the kitties. Your home is beautiful! I loved all the decorations. Best wishes for the New Year!
kayellen said…
Love your tour! and your cute kitties!!

Donna said…
Your home looks so beautiful (love those pillows!) and Oscar and Molly, well, I would just smuggle them into our house if I could, they're so cute!!! Happy New Year to you!... Donna
Allidink said…
Aw I love your kitties. Very pretty decorations!

All the best,
Jan's camera said…
I love the photos of your home. Your condo is beautiful. I have those same wooden skates I got at a craft fair one year. I love it next to that skating picture. I love figure skating. I took group lessons for years not too long ago. Too bad I don't have any natural talent for it.

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