2009 - The Year in Review

I am participating in Cindy at My Romantic Home's Year in Review Party. So here's my mosaic of the year 2009. Actually there's not all that much to tell.

Of course, the year had some up and downs. On the upside,I settled into my condo and today I am celebrating Oscar's first anniversary. Yup,one year ago tonight, I picked up my baby from his foster Mom Diane's house. Molly wasn't thrilled with his arrival but I think he's growing on her. I really enjoy watching the interaction between the two cats.

One of the downers of the year was my car accident. Although I wasn't hurt, the car certainly was. The damage was $11,000 and it took about a month to repair. But she's running great and for that and the fact that the airbag saved me from serious injury I am grateful.

Traveling to Kennebunkport and Ogunquit with my sister was a highlight of my Summer. I also took a few daytrips to Rockport, Manchester, and New Hampshire.

I was active with my tea group and have some happy memories of the year's tea events and I held a few parties in my new condo. A Valentine's Tea, a Wimbledon Breakfast, Harvest Dinner and Christmas Soiree are all stamped in my memory bank for 2009.

I had a renewed interest in Ebay this year and also spent some time shopping on Etsy. My vintage lace curtain panel was an Ebay find.

The seasons were all beautiful in New England this year and I am so thankful I was able to celebrate each one. I really enjoyed capturing all the changes in seasons with my camera. I did not buy a new camera as was the plan. Maybe in 2010.

Hope you enjoyed my 2009 recap. On New Year's Eve, you can pop on over to Cindy's blog and see more year in review posts.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy New Year.


Michelle said…
What a great recap! I remember each one of those events...unfortunately the car accident too. I am so thankful you weren't hurt either. Oh I have been wanting to order more off Etsy this year. I am looking at ordering homemade soap products and actually start making them myself!

Have a wonderful New Year!!

Michelle and her kitties :)
e said…
What a great way to reflect on the year! You have a lovely blog, i'm so glad i found it. I'm an ex-pat, so visiting here is a real treat for me. Bliadhna Mhath Ùr (Happy New Year) Lizzy
Linda K. said…
What a wonderful photo mosaic, so very pretty winter scenes. Many blessings to you in the new year!

Linda Robin's Egg Blues
Love your mosaic and your look back on your year....it got me to thinking about mine!~Patti
Looks like you've had a wonderful year (except the car accident) ...these photos are wonderful!!!
Happy New year & many many happy returns!
Unknown said…
Great Mosaic! I love our kitties on your side bar!

Happy New Year!
Unknown said…
Thank you for stopping by my blog. Love your blog!

Happy New Year!
Love your mosaic. We are Maine lovers too! Can't wait to go back. Happy New Year! And thanks so much for stopping by!
Laura @ 52 FLEA said…
Hi! So glad you stopped by and left those kind words as now I am here visiting your lovely blog...Wonderful year in review...glad you were not seriously hurt in the accident! Your condo looks beautiful and I know my Starla would love to meet your cute kitties! Happy New Year!
Take care, Laura
What a great year you've had! (minus the car accident!). Beautiful pictures.

May 2010 bring you much happiness and everything you are dreaming of!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents
Scone Queen said…
A great recap of your year. I am so glad you were not seriously hurt in the accident. Your condo looks so festive and inviting, and your little kitties are just gorgeous fluff balls of delight! I absolutely adored the luminary idea. It looked ever-so-wintry-welcoming!
Jan's camera said…
Ilove your blog, it's great. Your photos are lovely. I need to get myself to Harvard Square and go to Burdick's. I'm not familiar with it. I worked in Harvard Square in the 70's and just loved going there everyday.

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