It Takes A Village

I bought my condo a little over a year ago and I think it's high time for me to thank everyone who made the move possible.

First of all, without the help of my friend Kim and her husband John, I never would have looked at the place. Kim went to quite a few open houses with me and she knew exactly the type of property I was looking for. She mentioned my condo search to her husband and he knew of a place he thought I would like. Well Kim and I went to the open house and we looked at each other and we knew this was the place.

I must admit the gold color of the house was off putting at first. But now it has grown on me. And since it's the only one of it's color on the street it's certainly
easy to find. I own one quarter of the house. I have a garage and 2 deeded spaces and basement space.

My old place had a galley kitchen. Yuck, I hated it! It was old and dark. This kitchen is updated and airy and I actually enjoy cooking now.

Hardwood floors with an inlay. This is the flooring in my bedroom. My old bedroom had wall to wall carpet. It was a very dated look.

More hardwood and french doors.

I loved the mouldings throughout the condo.

Closeup of the french doors.

I think the previous owner had a thing for ceiling fans. There are 5 in the condo!
I would love to replace some of them with chandeliers but I must admit the fans cooled the place nicely this Summer.

Another shot of the kitchen. That's the home inspector and the seller to the left
of the photo. Neither of us used a realtor.

This photo was taken before the seller moved out. He had great taste but it had a modern look and I like vintage.

The bathroom is not large but it suits my purposes.

This the hallway area. Again, this was taken before I moved in. I love the high ceilings, they're 9 foot. That doorway leads to a half closet. My neighbor's stairs are above it so there's not much space there.

Wow, did I get off track. This was supposed to be a thank you to everyone who had a hand in helping me move.

To Don who spent hours and hours and days and days with me hauling boxes out of my apartment and into the condo. I snapped at him often because I was so overwhelmed but he never got angry with me. Not once! We took frequent breaks at Starbucks so we would have energy to get through the days. He continues to be my handyman. His wife Mary should be thanked as well because she put off any home projects at her own newly renovated home so Don could help me move.

My sister offered to help but then she broke her foot. She gave moral support.

My dad wall mounted my bedroom TV and had my garage door fixed for me. Right after I moved in, the garage door did not work. I mean the remote didn't work and the garage door would get stuck when it was manually opened. Dad took care of it for me.

My friend Debbi helped me clean out my storage space at my old apartment.

My friend Jean recommended a mover for the big pieces, bed, couch, hutch. She also offered her husband as a handyman for me.

Diane and Michael were foster parents to Oscar until I could safely take him in. His stay with them was much longer than expected. They graciously let him stay as long as he needed until I was ready to bring him home to the condo.

Thanks to all of the men who helped solve the washer/dryer situation. A brief synopsis, the Sears installation guys could not fit the stackable dryer in the closet. I bought the same size appliances as the previous owner yet the installation guys could not make them fit. They left the washer and dryer in my hallway and left me to fend for myself. John and Ronny both came over on separate occasions to measure the closet and diagnose the problem. They thought it was a hopeless situation and perhaps I would have to get smaller appliances. It certainly looked that way. Then Anthony came to my rescue. Anthony is like the incredible Hulk. He can lift anything! After Thanksgiving dinner, he and Don came over to the condo. Anthony lifted and wiggled the washer and dryer and under Don's direction, he was able to squeeze the unit into place. I wish I had taken video because it was a sight to behold.

It truly takes a village to help with the moving process. I hope I haven't forgotten to thank anyone. As you can see, I have terrific friends and family. As Thanksgiving approaches, it seems to be the perfect time to express my gratitude.


French Kissed said…
Your condo is wonderful! I love the detail around the French doors and all of the other mouldings. Thanks for stopping by my Open House as it has led me to your delightful blog. I also took a little tour of Boston with you and got such a craving for something sweet looking at the bake sale post ~ great presentations by the way ~ especially love the one in the wicker picnic basket! Enjoyed my first visit and I will return.

Wanda Lee said…
My what a small world!~ I just came from,"French Kissed" blog, where I noticed your blog's mame and decided to pop over to see what you are creating these days, (as I am a follower of yours from "a little bit of time ago"),..,

I love the latest post about your new condo~ Fabulous! Love those architectural details as well!..,

I also noticed that my dear friend,Scone Queen from, The Tea Trolley blog, has just become a follower of yours;(she has been a dear friend of mine for over 40 years, since childhood!.., That's in part why I say , what a small world)!

I also have a warm invitaion to extend to you my dear lady; two actually..,

Firstly, you are warmly invited to join my fellow bloggers and I for my sixth , TUESDAY TEA FOR TWO, blogging tea party this coming tuesday at my, THE PLUMED PEN, blog..,

It's as simple as 1,2,3:

1.~ You are invited to post really anything Afternoon Tea related on your blog on Tuesday, indicating to your own fellow bloggers on your own blog;( THAT IS,IF YOU'D CARE TO JOIN US); indicating that you are partaking with our little, TUESDAY TEA FOR TWO, blog tea party, kindly mentioning us by name that day on your own blog post..,


3.~I will then take a "screen shot" of your lovely blog post for that day from your blog, posting it along with the other particapants , icluding your blogs name and a link to your lovely blog as well..,

There you have it my dear!

~ The other warm invitation I have for you, is to invite you to pop over to any of my blogs, in particular to my, The Plumed Pen blog, where you may also enjoy viewing my perfume scent bottle, little collection of original water colour paintings..,

Cheers from Silken Purse~ I do hope you can join us!
Julie@beingRUBY said…
What a wonderful post
It is so true that friends like that are like diamonds.

Your condo [strange word for an aussie] is really lovely. It has a wonderful character that makes it feel like a home! Although we have townhouses here they rarely have that traditional feel and are all too newish.. you know?

Anyway.. I think your tribute to your friends is great and I hope you get to enjoy some wonderful Thanksgiving time with both your friends and family..

I will be still working so it is a good thing we don't have Thanksgiving here.. haha...

Take care and thanks for popping over. Thought you might like Kitty photo! xx Julie
Fete et Fleur said…
It looks like a beautiful and welcoming home. Congratulations on your one year anniversary.

Nishant said…
I love the detail around the French doors and all of the other mouldings.

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kayellen said…
Very pretty my dear :)

I love hardwood floors..they make my heart happy!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

Have a blessed day with your family and kitties:)

prashant said…
it has led me to your delightful blog.

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