Holiday Stroll and Brunch at the Bedford Village Inn

On Sunday, I went to the Bedford Village Inn for a holiday stroll and brunch. This was the month for my friend Kim and I to pick an event for our afternoon tea group. We knew the ladies would enjoy the elegance of the inn, the fabulous cuisine and on top of that 30 local artisans selling their wares in the great hall of the inn.

The inn and surrounding property is absolutely gorgeous.

There's a charming tavern for drinks or a casual breakfast or lunch.

A sweet gazebo and a little gift shop.

There were 14 of us in our group. Here are some of the ladies outside the gift shop.

I have a thing for old keys so I was drawn to this jewelry display. The necklaces were lovely and both the keys and chains were antique. I did not buy one. They were a little too pricey.

I did buy some tea and potpourri from this vendor. She had a lovely display.

I thought this wreath was really cool.

Here's an overview of the area with the vendors. The hall was beautifully decorated.

Would you ever think of hanging your Christmas tree upside down? I really like the look.

Isn't this clever? Angel ornaments made from chandelier crystals.

The inn has several dining areas so we took a tour before we sat down for brunch.

This guy looked kind of creepy.

The entrance/exit was exquisitely decorated.

Looking in at one of the dining areas.

My first course was butternut squash and creme fraiche soup.

Lori Lee eyes Debbi's parfait. It was made of vanilla yogurt with chocolate and topped with an orange and cinnamon spiked chantilly cream

This is where we ate brunch.

Pretty decorations on the sconce. I might steal this idea.

My second course was poached eggs in a puff pastry with a mushroom sauce. My third course was a chocolate bread pudding served with creme anglaise and candied hazelnuts. Yes, I waddled out of the dining area.

This photo came out worse than I thought! These ladies were seated at my table. We had two other tables reserved.

Look at this pretty conservatory filled with lights and ornaments.

It was a gorgeous day inside and out!

Another look at "our" dining room.

At the end of the afternoon, we said goodbye to each other and a wonderful afternoon.


Looks like a fun day for all! I agree, the upside down Christmas trees are really different but kind of elegant the way they presented them. Very pretty!~Patti
Wendy said…
Sounds like a lot of fun, getting together once a month for brunch. Where did you meet all the ladies?
Elaine said…
Wendy, we are all members of an afternoon tea group that was started in 1997. The group was originally started as a group for the Boston area but now it encompasses most of New England. We meet once a month for brunch or tea and usually an activity.

Thanks for asking.
prashant said…
I agree, the upside down Christmas trees are really different

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Julie@beingRUBY said…
HI Elaine
Wow .. what a gorgeous place.. and they really have decorated for christmas beautifully

I love the 'blue' dining room from your little tour... the chandeliers are gorgeous and in fact remind me of the upside down trees... or vice versa.... maybe that is how they got the idea.. either way they look great....!!

I also like the crystal drop angel, the creepy guy... and the group photo that came out a little strange... I really like the affect..

Have fun... Chat.. Elaine... [i'm pretty slow.. just caught on to that one.. only took me 6 months haha] xx Julie

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