Daytripping in Boston

Today, my sister and I both had the day off from work. So we decided to spend the day in Boston. I wanted to go to the French Library to see the Paris Facade exhibit of Carol Gillott. Her blog is called Paris Breakfasts. I purchased two watercolors from Carol so I was excited to hear that she would be exhibiting in Boston.

Would you believe the Library was closed? I will have to go another day.

We walked from the T Station in the Back Bay to Tealuxe on Newbury St. Tealuxe had so many varieties of teas! My sister opted for the golden tip Assam and I had a pot of hot chocolate. We also had sandwiches.

If you need tea supplies, tea, strainers, pots, cups, this is the place for it.

We were pleasantly surprised by the autumnal colors surrounding us. We both thought it would be past peak in Boston.

I loved looking down the street and seeing multiple colors of trees.

I can't even remember the location of this monument. Was it while we were crossing Commonwealth Ave? We walked many blocks and hopefully we burned off all the calories we consumed during the day.

Ever since I saw the movie Green Card, I've wanted a rooftop garden to call my own.

Wouldn't it be cool to live here?

Such pretty street scenes.

I loved looking at all the architectural details.

Every residence had it's own classic charm.

The lanterns, the doorways. Quintessential Boston.

A bicycle might be the best mode of transportation during rush hour. Some of the narrow streets get gridlocked.

Today was quite cold as the wind chill made it feel like it was in the 40's.

More gorgeous doorways.

Autumn's splendor awaits beyond this gate.

Before heading home on the T, we stopped at the Four Season's Hotel for a late afternoon snack. This was the view from our table.

My sister enjoyed her hot chocolate. We were quite cold from walking around in a wind tunnel.

One more stop before heading home. It's Veteran's Day and we stopped by the State House and the Veteran's memorial across the street.

Here's the memorial to African American Soldiers. A beautiful monument that honors Robert Gould Shaw and the Massachusetts 54th regiment, the first African Americans to serve in the Civil War.

We had a wonderful Veteran's Day in the city. What did you do today?


Sahildeki Ev said…
Wonderful photos... Thanks for taking us with you...I enjoyed it a lot because the last time I was in Boston was 27 years ago :))
Salmagundi said…
Beautiful post! I loved all of the pictures and the tour. Stay warm and dry. Sally
Good Morning Chatelaine...
What a beautiful day you had. I so loved my trip with you to Boston. I was sure this would be a beautiful city,however I have never been there. The buildings are so beautiful and well kept. I loved the doors. You know the doors are the key to our souls. I always wonder about the doors people choose.

I spent the day with my Veterans, my husband, son and SIL. My Daddy lives in Oklahoma, so I couldn't visit, but did call him.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful day sweetie. I so love it when you share. Please stop by and say hi. I would so love to have you visit and allow me to share my story today.

Country hugs, Sherry
Donna said…
Oh my gosh - what GORGEOUS photos and what a great (albeit chilly) day you had to be in the city! Was the rooftop garden on Marlborough St. or Commonwealth? And I just love the movie, Green Card!!!

By the way, the topic of my post yesterday was the lovely Kreativ Blogger award you bestowed upon me ... thank you so much!

P.S. About a month ago I was parked right outside TeaLuxe on Newbury St. while waiting for my daughter! I am definitely going to have to stop in there some time because you've mentioned in several times now! Do they still have their sidewalk tables out? Or has the weather forced everyone inside ... after all, it is November... brrrrr... Donna
Lenore said…
What beautiful photos of fabulous subjects.....enjoyed the tour and the colors.
The Curious Cat said…
Just popped across from the enchanted cottage blog...was enjoying her photos of Concord - I used to live there you see...and so it was funny to also read your blog entry today as I lived briefly on Commonwealth avenue too...I'm madly in love with New England...I grew up there as a small child and it has had a profound effect on me. The tragedy is now that as I am not a US citizen with no relatives over there, I can never go back and live there for very long...unless I marry someone but with a boyfriend here in the UK not sure that will happen! You are very, very lucky. xxx
Anonymous said…
simply beautifully captured shots...the city looks lovely in the colors of fall!
kayellen said…
Just beautiful Elaine...I really loved this post:)
Fall in Boston is the best!!!

Thanks for the tour!

Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos...I remember touring Boston in younger years..Denise Hull,Mass.

I so enjoyed this trip with you. It brought back so many memories. Boston reminds me very much of areas in Chicago. Have you ever been here? You would love Lincoln Park.

The tea shop looks lovely and you can't beat the Four Seasons for afternoon tea...

Love all the fall colors. Our trees are almost bare.

Have a wonderful week!

hjn said…
Wow I too just did a post about the great city of Boston!! I posted today! Great photos of what looks like a great trip! FUN!
Mama Holli
Scone Queen said…
For as far back as my pre-teenaged years living in Nova Scotia, it has always been a dream of mine to visit Boston. It seemed far enough away to be exotic, yet close enough not to intimidating. However, my parents were not intersted in travel and by the time I reached university age, my finances were limited enough to deal with tuition and not much else. Now, living on the extreme west, a trip so far east is usually spent in my home province, not going too far afield. Your exquisite pictures have ignited such a longinng in me, I think I will suggest that on my next trip east, dear Paper Princess and I visit the New England States and Boston in particular. What a nmagnificent city! Thanks so much for the friendly reminder of a precious childhood dream!
Yarni Gras! said…
your posts are always like walking through a wonderland. You have a great story to tell, with lots of pretty pictures!
Fete et Fleur said…
What a great day you both had! You take the loveliest photos.

Michelle said…
I always enjoy your days off and bringing us with you! :) I've never been to Boston but from these pictures I know I could live there. :) Thank you SO very much for your well wishes for all of us. It meant so much...the kitties are better, Mocha still has steroids in her system so now she is eating like a pig! Like every 30 minutes she's in the food bowl but I guess that's a good thing. :) I am hoping this will not ever happen again...well, where we're all sick at once!

Thank you again....lots of love and hugs!


Michelle and her kitties :)
Nishant said…
Wonderful photos... Thanks for taking us with you..

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