Tea, Autumn and Waiting for Obama in Boston

I had a vacation day on Friday, an eagerly awaited vacation day.

I awoke to the colors of Autumn right outside my window. Fabulous! I knew it would be a good day.

I was meeting friends at the Boston Public Library for afternoon tea. Luckily, the night before, I saw the news,so I knew that President Obama was attending a fundraiser at the Weston Copley which is right across the street from the Boston
Public Library.

I knew there would be lots of commotion, roads blocked off, protesters, etc. So I took public transportation versus driving in to the city. I headed in after the morning rush hour so it was an easy commute and the Library was a short walk from the T station (that's what we call public transportation in Boston, the T).

Everyone was waiting for Obama. I have to admit I had the camera ready myself. The wind chill was, well, very cold but everyone waited patiently. The protesters were shouting out their causes, End the war, help the mentally challenged, I'm sure there were a few less vocal groups as well.

I started a conversation with some young men and we all agreed that Mr Obama would not be coming out of the hotel to the crowds and a four way intersection. We were sure the Secret Service would not want to worry about all the buildings surrounding the intersection. So I headed up the Library steps, leaving the commotion behind.

I had to stop to take a photo of the Edward Scissorhands lanterns outside the Library and to shout a warning to the pigeons. Careful, you don't want to get impaled!

A hot cuppa was just the remedy for my windchilled hands. I joined my friends for tea and conversation. We had lovely tea sandwiches, scones and desserts and the service was excellent.

Yes, I did have 4 desserts. They were miniature. Really!

This pretty courtyard reminded me of England. The arches were so beautiful.

It would be nice to sit here but not with Friday's wind chill.

I rounded the corner to see what was there and there was an invasion of... Witches Hats! They were really cool.

Some of them were really elegant with buckles and all.

I was fascinated by these hats. They were in a most unexpected place. I thought the scene looked like something out of a Harry Potter movie.

I know, enough with the Witches Hats!

I forgot to take a picture of the area where we had tea. I remembered when I was outside so here's my feable attempt to take a decent photo of the tea area.

The building is absolutely gorgeous. So grand and so much history. I could have told you about the history if I attended the tour of the Library instead of standing outside waiting for a glimpse of Obama's motorcade.

Guess I'll just have to go back to the Library.


Fete et Fleur said…
Oh! You are so lucky! All that beautiful architecture. The witch hats were cool, and so unusual to see in that courtyard area.

Julie@beingRUBY said…
Oh I love the witches hats
I could take more of the witches hats!! fabulous!! Plus the architecture is pretty great too!!

Have a great week x Julie
How fun! I've never been to the library before and didn't know they had tea time. The way the wind blows through Boston I can imagine you were very chilly!

You're right, the 4 desserts were tiny! What a wonderful day. I haven't been to Boston in forever, but today my husband and I are going to Salem! I think . . .

Hi! I thought those witches hats were really cool! How different and so unique! Thanks for playing one of my faves...."Moody Blues"~Patti
Salmagundi said…
Great post!! Hope you didn't get too chilled waiting around. That is a beautiful building, and the courtyard does remind me of England, too. The Victoria & Albert Museum in London has a beautiful courtyard. Cute hats, beautiful building, yummy food!! Sally
eileensideways said…
i love the witch hats, what a wonderful idea. boston public library is a real gem.

What a neat day you had in Boston. I asked about the hats in your last post that I just read a few minutes ago. What a clever idea.

I love your photos in and around the library. The architecture is gorgeous and I agree, the coutyard looks like it could be in England. Must be the boxwood.

Tea time looked lovely. I think I could have helped myself to more of the little desserts. Oh, yum!!!

Have a great week!

Lori said…
Oh lucky day I just found the coolest new blog to me...you! Love the pictures and everything! The witches, indeed Harry Potter like! Oh, have to run want to read more of your posts!! Lori
kayellen said…
I love that library!
I took a lot of pictures when I visited last fall:)including the cool Lanterns outside like you did!!

Lucky lady to have tea at such a beautiful location!

Clink-clink from California:-)

Donna said…
How fun! I wondered where your new 'bewitching' banner photo was taken - I love it! Oh gosh, I'm always heading down Darmouth once I'm off the Pike so I know that area well. It's such a beautiful part of Boston. While you spent last Friday in Boston, I was checking out Concord, one of your other favorite places! It was a cool, crisp day to be sure, but at least it wasn't rainy! I'm hungry after seeing those petite desserts - yummm!... Donna
Parisbreakfasts said…
WOW I can not get enough of those witches hats!!! How brill is that?
And how brill to pop them into your banner just like that!

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