Banking on a Cure

We held a charity bake sale at the bank yesterday. It was our 4th annual bake sale in honor of one of our coworkers who passed away from breast cancer in 2006. Since she was the best baker of anyone in our branch of the bank we thought this was the best way to honor her and raise money to find a cure for breast cancer. All the monies raised will be donated to the Susan B Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

I have to say the women at this branch are phenomenal. They work so well together. They care about each other and they all loved their coworker Joanne.

Every year we worry that we won't have enough food, but, come bake sale day there is a steady stream of dropoffs. The bank courier brings pies sent from other branches and then I do a big collection at our corporate center. Sometimes the pies, cookies, and coffee cakes don't make it out of the building as inevitably someone will follow me asking me how much for that pie or saying I'll buy those brownies. I actually sell items from the trunk of my car as word gets around that Elaine has the bake sale items outside!

How could you resist Mary's mini apple pies? Mary made 4 two crust pies, 1 Dutch apple pie and 15 of the mini pies! Her father-in-law received apples from a friend and he gave them to Mary to make a pie for the bake sale. Mary's mother made coffee cakes and breads. Good stories came from the bake sale.

We sold our first pie through the drive up window. One of our senior citizen customers saw the sale through the window and he spied an apple pie he just had to have. We brought it out to him so he didn't have to leave his vehicle. (It wouldn't fit through the driveup drawer). I'm kidding, we didn't even try to make it fit.

And how can you say no to brownies made lovingly by the teller supervisor's daughter? She also made cupcakes with her younger daughters- teaching them early to give back.

Presentation is just so important. Everything must be appealing to the eye. We have creative people who sit and package the items that come in. They'll add ribbons, leaves, all sorts of embellishments. They work tirelessly.

I made cranberry apple crisps and lemon squares. Joanne's daughters bake and Joanne's sister made the most beautiful blueberry and apricot crostadas. I must
admit I had never heard of a crostada before yesterday! The crostadas barely hit
the table before they were scooped up.

A cookie monsters delight! Pumpkin, chocolate chip, cream cheese, and almond cookies.

This sour cream coffee cake found a good home. I loved hearing from the customers as they told me where they were taking the items. I am having coffee with a friend tomorrow so I'll bring this coffee cake with me or I am going to give these Halloween ghost cookies to my grandchildren or my family will love this apple pie.

Our Bank President is a woman. She made a huge container of chocolate chip cookies, attended the sale and bought some items to bring back to the corporate offices. These are her cookies and they sold out.

My boss's wife made espresso brownies and put them in the cutest containers. I bought a box to eat at the bake sale. I couldn't resist, I love chocolate and coffee.

You know an apple pie went home with me too! One of our retired coworkers made a pie and brought it in for us. It was still warm and looked and smelled heavenly.

We also took pre-orders for some blueberry pies. In fact, one of the bank's trustees requests a pie from the same baker every year!

The tally at the end of the day was $953. We will ask for an additional donation from the bank and we usually receive donations after the sale.

We spoke with some breast cancer survivors who attended the sale. They had good care, early detection and now a clean bill of health. Sadly, we also learned that there are women at the bank who are battling the disease as we speak. They will have our prayers and support through their recovery.

Our hope is that our grass roots effort will help fight for the cure. We will have raised over $10,000 in the four years we've held the sale.

We know Joanne is smiling on us.


Salmagundi said…
WOW! That is wonderful to have raised that much money for such a good cause. Breast cancer is so prevalent any more, but I believe that is because of early detection. Congrats to all of your co-workers. It is so nice to hear of people working together for a cause. Sally
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Fabulous post Elaine!!

And for a fabulous cause! All these sweets are not as sweet as you girls doing your bit to support your friends and honour your coworkers memory.

I didn't realise you worked for a bank. I worked for 1 of the big 4 here in Aus for 10 yrs permanent and 8 years contracting.. not banking but wealth management. And the point to me telling you this is... This Aussie bank honours staff donations to charity by matching it $ for $... [there is a threshold around $2k or so]... So hopefully yours will do the same for you great girls and this great cause..

Have a fab week.. Hope Halloween is not too scary... hahahaha

x Julie

This is a very poignant and powerful post. This being the 'awareness' month, I've seen lots of fund raising, but I liked reading abpout what your company does each year. Firstly, I was soooo impressed by the 'presntation', and I do beleive that plays such a strong part in sales. It makes one feel like they are giving a gift to themselves and also, turns 'homemade' into 'gourmet'!! Secondly...sounds like you do A LOT to organise and keep this whole event running...kudos to you!! You have always sounded like one energetic gal to me.

In closing, I hope all the additional monies equal more than all the 4 years prior... and bless all of you in your efforts to raise money for such a worthy cause. And bless the memory of Joanne...

Ugh...I've already counted 3 mispelled typos...drives me crazy as I actually proofread everything...sorry!
EEMorris said…
awesome idea!! and now i'm hungry...
kayellen said…
What a wonderful event!!

Just beautiful;)and yummy amazing baked goodies!!!Hope you raised a lot for such a great cause!!

Blessing you for efforts;)

Donna said…
What a dedicated and creative group of people you work with... God bless eacn and every one of you for making such a difference.

I am drooling as I looked through your photos - oh my gosh, I don't know what I would have picked, they all look so fantastic... And as you said, incredibly packaged! Congratulations on the success of this sale and your past sales!

I also love your new dog walker banner! At least I'm assuming that it was taken in Boston and that's what it is! Have a wonderful week :)

vintagebejoyful said…
Love your blog! glad we found each other...I hope you win the little clipboard! don't you just love giveaways! I have added you to my favorites, keep in touch.

Fete et Fleur said…
A wonderful way to raise money for a great cause. The baked goods were beautiful to see. I'm hungry now!

Sahildeki Ev said…
They all look so yummy and for such a good cause...

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