Weekend craft fairs

Today was forecast as a perfect Autumn day so I thought I would check out an outdoor craft fair in the morning. I headed out to Lexington, stopping at Peet's Coffee for cappucino and an oatmeal bar. One does need energy to walk around a craft fair, right?

The craft fair was wonderful. There were many quality vendors there. I bought a little acorn basket made of clay from the vendor at this booth. It's going to sit on my desk and hold candy, mostly chocolate. The candy is supposed to be for my customers but inevitably it will be eaten by my coworkers.

Lots of dogs out browsing with the families. This dog was huge and so cute! I'd never seen one like it. I was told it was a French Sheepdog.

This woman makes dolls of all natural organic materials. The dolls were stuffed with wool, alpaca hair or mohair. They were adorable.

No eyes or noses for little ones to choke on. These dolls are good for any age.

Even adults would enjoy one of Kathy Solomon's dolls.

These hand painted silk scarves caught my eye.

As did these garden globes made of clay. They will add color and a touch of whimsey to any garden. The artist works from her home in Cape Neddick, Maine to create these beauties.

Wind chimes made from silverware with dangling crystals. Especially pretty in the morning sunlight.

From Lexington, I went to one more craft fair, this one at Austin Preparatory School in Reading. It was good too and they had some great baked goods. I went with the coffee cake and I wasn't disappointed.

All the beauty and colors of a perfect Autumn day motivated me to do a little decorating at the condo.

Some mums and white pumpkins for the front steps. I don't think I'm quite finished with the look. I think it needs a few more mums or some corn stalks.

A wreath now graces my front door.

This week I'll be on the hunt for the finishing touches on the entrance, but, tomorrow it's supposed to rain so I guess it's a good day to stay in and watch football.


Oh what fun at the craft show. Thank you for allowing me to tag along. Loved it. I too love the chimes made out of silverware. I would venture to say that these are so heavenly sounding when the wind blows.

The dolls were just precious. I am a Grammy of (7), so I too love the idea of no button eyes, embroidered and no button nose, sewn. Just love it. What a great idea. More should try it.

Thanks for sharing this fine trip with me. Country hugs and love, Sherry
kayellen said…
I love your door Elaine!!

Have a wonderful weekend:))

Nothing like a fall outdoor craft show! Btw, Moody Blues are one of my favorite bands!~Patti
Salmagundi said…
Thanks for taking us along to the craft fair. I'm anxious to see your front stoop in all of it's Autumn glory. It is so pretty in your area in the Fall. Have a great week. Sally
Michelle said…
What a fun, fun day! I love shows like this. I'm always I will spend tons of money. I LOVE your entrance. Your wreath is gorgeous nad it's inspiring me to put one on my door now. Funny, I have all my decorations inside but none on the outside. Lol!
98126res said…
kathy solomon flashed a nice smile for your shot. I love her baskets brimming with cute cuddly dolls, all looking different and happy. thanks for also letting me tag along to the crafts show... hard to find the time to go. i have plans that i hope get out of that stage, for fall decorations. best wishes, cottonjens

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