A Stop in Ogunquit

This is the second post from my vacation to Maine. One of our first stops was to the pretty town of Ogunquit.

The weather was almost perfect. It was a bit warm for my taste but who really cared, the sun was out and we were by the ocean. There was a lot of activity at Perkins Cove.

Here's the entrance to one of my favorite shops in Ogunquit, Calluna.

Isn't this doorway pretty? I love how the flowers frame it.

I loved these coasters but they were a little pricey. I'll have to remember them with a photo.

An aged sign, so charming! I would like this for my back door.

With such nice weather, everyone wanted to dine outside at the water's edge.

An ivy covered shop.

My favorite shop used to be the Blue Willow. They had a great restaurant on their porch with a fabulous view of the ocean. Sadly, they closed the restaurant. The shop is still nice.

I thought these bathing beauties were adorable. I thought about buying one as a souvenir but I didn't.

I just had to photograph these beauties on the beach.

After all that shopping, we needed a rest. We were sweltering in the hot sun so we took a break and went to Jackies Too for lunch. The patio was covered but open on the side and so we ate lunch with Mr Seagull staring us down.

As you can see, we were very close to the ocean.

The view was unbelievable.

I don't need a mansion. I could summer in a little cottage like this one.

The last shop we visited before leaving Ogunquit. Nice items, quite interesting.

My sister loved this sink. Of course, she did. She's an artist and the lobsters were handpainted. So unique and perfect for an oceanside town like Ogunquit.


Julie@beingRUBY said…
Another beautiful virtual vacation [virtual for me that is]. Love all these images and also your gorgeous new friends [little bathers and Mr Seagull]. Thanks for another tour. x Julie
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures of one of my favorite places. I actually have an Ogunquit picture up on my other blog... Through Jersey Eyes.
Love the pic of the bathing beauties, especially with the ocean behind them.
Ahhh... Ogunquit, I wish I were there again.
kayellen said…
Wonderful tour Elaine:)
I love that hat shop!!How fun!!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend,

Salmagundi said…
You know I love your pictures from Maine. I can just hear my grandfather's Maine accent in my head still, and he died 63 years ago. Such wonderful memories. Sally
Laume said…
I'd be afraid the lobsters would bite me when I was trying to wash my hands - LOL!

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