Reasons to Savor Autumn

Kitty is smiling because she knows it almost time for a change in season. Autumn is coming. A time for cooler temperatures, the brilliant colors of nature, and all the yummy smells and tastes of Fall cuisine.

I am participating in the Inspired Room's Fall Nesting week. I've decided to list some reasons I love Fall. Living in New England I am a little biased because I think we have the best foliage in the country. We do not have Fall colors yet so no foliage posting today.

Farm wagons filled with bittersweet.

Apple cider donuts rolled in cinnamon sugar. Might as well add hot spiced apple cider too. And Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Lattes, orange cranberry tea, hot chocolate.

Fall decorations made with some natural elements and a lot of imagination.

I love a little whimsy in my Fall decor.

Butternut squash apple soup with creme fraiche, piping hot. Puts me in the mood for Autumn.

Autumn wreaths do double duty as candle rings. And a pashmina in those Autumnal colors of plum, orange, and burgundy can serve as a table covering or a fashion accessory.

Speaking of fashion, Fall means chunky sweaters, cashmere scarves, ankle boots.

Mini pumpkins make sweet decorations for desktops, bookcases, windowsills, just about anywhere.

Back to the food. Apple pie, my all time favorite pie. Heated or not, a la mode or topped with whipped cream it doesn't matter. If it's loaded with apples and cinnamon and the crust is nicely browned I am in my happy place.

As Julie Andrews would sing, these are a few of my favorite things! Speaking of music, I have different tastes in the Fall. I love to listen to classical music (Vivaldi's Four Seasons is my favorite) and of course, Forever Autumn sung by Justin Hayward. It is an Autumn tradition. I must listen to it every day during the season.

If you hunger for more Fall posts, go to the sidebar and click on the Inspired Room.


LissyLou said…
I love autumn posts x
I think you covered it all, Elaine!! I love Autumn too. Mostly for the same reasons. A few years ago I was on my daily walk on a Fall day and instead of looking ahead and around, I was staring in amazement at all the different types of leaves on the sidewalk, crunching under my running shoes!! Leaves from different trees I had never noticed before (there are so many they seem to blend in with each other). It was a beautiful sight and made me realize that some of the things around us all the time go unnoticed.

You have a beautiful post. Have a perfect week! :-)

I love all those things too! Not to mention Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Muffins. LOL!

I've actually already seen some tree's changing up this way and have a pretty shot of one next to a pond I'm going to post. Somehow I don't think the foliage will be nearly as pretty as it was last year. We just haven't had enough rain lately.

Enjoy the quite cool day today Elaine!

Michelle said…
What wonderful savory pictures...especially those doughnuts! Oh yum! Love those at the pumpkin patch. :) Your kitty looks like a short-haired version of my Mocha. :)
Fete et Fleur said…
I'm dreaming the colors, tastes, and sounds of Autumn now. Thank you!

Donna said…
Beautiful!!! You know, I spotted some serious orange and red foliage driving through Sudbury today... These past few (cold) nights have kind of gotten things going! Loved this post... Donna
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hey there!
Your fall is definitely more beautiful than our autumn..[we don't have the beautiful colours. atleast not in the city].

PS yes it was a disposable camera.. hehe.. the first 2 i didn't alter .. but the last lot i played around with a bit.

Have a great week x Julie
Lylah Ledner said…
Oh, how I wish I lived close to where you are. You had a sweet way of capturing all my senses with the food, the fall leaves, the kitty...and the donuts!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and seeing my fall garden here in the AZ desert.

la maison et le jardin
Shelby said…
Your post today was so perfect for me.. and the music. I so love the music.

Cheers :)
Unknown said…
Autumn is a lovely post. That kitty picture is perfect for the first photo with that title! That cat looks like she (he?) is totally savoring the autmnal magnificence upon us!

Thanks for the sweet comment on your blog. :)

~TattingChic ♥
Unknown said…
I am so ready for fall! I am drooling over the doughnuts! never heard of that flavor before! Have a sweet day! x
What a lovely post! Your photos are beautiful! I really enjoyed visiting you this morning.

Please come by sometime for a visit and we'll have tea & scones.

Hugs, Sherry
Yarni Gras! said…
I love autumn too! I wish I had a piece of that PIE! And those 'gardeners' are gorgeous!

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