Morning Rituals

We all have our morning routines and Molly and Oscar have theirs too. Actually none of us like mornings. But once we are awake...

and I mean when we are really awake and ready to set foot or paw out of bed, we head to the bathroom.

Molly immediately heads to the sink so she can have that first drink of water of the morning. That first sip is nirvana.

Oscar likes to get out of bed and then go right to his next place of rest. He usually likes the ledge by the shower where he can nap on the towel I want to use for my shower.

Molly demands chin scratches while she sits on the toilet.

The bathroom ritual is over and on to the next ritual, the morning confrontation.


That's so sweet Elaine! They both really love you!

I had a soul cat, Hairy (I know, odd name), who would sit on the sink every single morning while I took a shower, then follow me around while I would get ready for work. When I came home he would always come to greet me. He was the best cat ever, and though it's been several years since his passing I still miss his companionship. Neither of my present cats even like to be held : (

You're a lucky lady to have such fans.
Michelle said…
Oh I just loved this post. Isn't it funny how each of our kitties has their own routine? Quincy has the most steady routine, eat and then dash into the bathromo and jump in the tub for me to turn the water on for him. Lol!

Your babies are so adorable!!

This is such a sweet and animated post, Elaine. My dogs have their routine as well, which is pretty comical. Truth be told, your kitties are beautiful!!

I have missed a few posts trying to visit people in the tablescape last week as well as the pet parade. So I now wish your mother a Happy Birthday!! And the fair you went to looked like loads of fun!! I hope you came home with a few things (I only had time to skim it).

I hope you have a happy weekend!!

Julie@beingRUBY said…
Oh I just love this.
What a sweet family you have! and how funny your kitties do the stand off each morning.. after the morning absolutions.. haha got to be clean to do the stand off!!
I'm not much of a morning person myself. I'm up at 5am this morning cause i haven't been to bed yet!! haha.. Have a great weekend x Julie
Donna said…
Oh my gosh, it's so true - cats and their rituals! Loved seeing Molly's and Oscar's, too!!... Donna
Yarni Gras! said…
great cat photos! BTW, I gave you an award at my blog...come and get it!

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