Happy Birthday Mum

Today is my Mother's birthday. For the last 5 years she's been in a nursing home due to a stroke, so we couldn't go out for a birthday dinner this evening. I could post a photo of her, but most of my photos of her are of a big hand. She despised having her photo taken so she always put her hand up in front of the camera. Yes, it's extremely difficult to find a photo of Mum.

I found this short video of a sunset in Humarock, Massachusetts. Humarock is where my mom spent many happy Summers in her childhood. I'm sure she would love to see this view again.

Well, she did have a nice birthday, special breakfast and lunch at the nursing home. Some snazzy clothes from the family, flowers, cards from her fellow residents and her favorite Starbucks decaf this evening. Happy Birthday Mum!


Julie@beingRUBY said…
Happy Birthday 'Mum'
Hope you've had a wonderful day and I'll send you a wish for beautiful sunsets everyday!
x Julie
Sahildeki Ev said…
Happy Birthday to your mother.. I bet she had a great day with you all together..
Salmagundi said…
Happy birthday to your mother! I just know that she thought it was special with her family all around. Take care, Sally
Donna said…
Happy belated birthday, Chaelaine's Mom!! What a sweet gesture for your daughter to give you a beautiful ocean sunset from your childhood home town! So glad you had a wonderful birthday filled with family, good food, presents, and your favorite coffee!!! ... Donna (who is also a coffee lover!!)

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