Van Gogh's Cafe

The empty space in the common area of my condo was just crying for a table and a couple of chairs. We (me and the guys who own the other 3 condos in the building) had an ugly table at one end of the area and I tried my best to make it pretty by putting fresh flowers on it every week.

I'd been watching a bistro set at Home Goods for a few weeks. I thought it might be on sale in August so on Saturday morning I went back to see if the price went down. To my surprise, it was gone!

I went to a second Home Goods store in the area to see if they had the same set. They didn't but they had another one that was equally as cute. This one was green wrought iron with silver accents. I immediately bought it. And yes, it was on sale!

So as you can see from the photo above, it is nestled very nicely in the corner of the common area. I added a vase of mini sunflowers and voila, the look is complete. My sister came into the common area and said, "Oh, it looks like Van Gogh's cafe!". I think the name will


What a charming table and chairs. I'd try to hang out in the common area all the time and read if I was there. The sunflowers really make it complete ~ perfect or as you said... voila!
Michelle said…
Oh I love that adorable bistro set. Actually that would be perfect on one of my decks! Thanks for the idea...Home Goods here I come! :)

It does look so pretty.
Leave it to a woman to bring those special touches!

Now you have me thinking I should go to Home Goods! After all, what else is there to do on a 90+ degree day?
Salmagundi said…
What a great project! That is something a lot of people can enjoy. Way to go. Sally
Unknown said…
That's adorable! I like to wait til fall for these purchases too! :)
Unknown said…
Hi, It looks great! and i love the name x
Sweet Sage said…
I, too, love the name ..
so generous of you!
Donna said…
Perfect name for it!! Clever sis!... Donna
kayellen said…
I love it!

It looks adorable in the corner and Kitty friendly too!:)))

Have a great week!


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