The Real Victoria is back!

Have you seen the current issue of Victoria Magazine? I would have to say in my humble opinion that this is their best issue to date. I am talking about issues since they started publishing Victoria again.

I felt as if the editors were inside my head. It was as if they knew exactly what makes me tick. There are so many reasons why I adore this issue. They touched on all my favorites.

Page 16 featured a beautiful vintage inspired suitcase set. In a prior post, I had a photo of some suitcases I collected from a consignment shop. This photo was taken at my favorite store Nesting on Main in Concord.

Lately I am really loving lavender. The little postcard sachets on page 20 are so sweet. I am definitely going to purchase one or two. My photo was taken at Wilson Farms in Lexington.

The Flavors of Fall article starting on page 36 whetted my appetite for all those wonderful desserts and drinks made with apples. Cider, streudel, pies. Yum! These apple cider donuts are made fresh at Wilson Farms. They are a Fall favorite.

And don't forget the apple streudel!

Page 46 featured Leeds Castle. I was happy to read all about this castle because I went there in 1998. My sister, two friends and I had tea on the grounds. It is breathtakingly beautiful! Here are a few of the pages from my scrapbook for that trip.

I like to make a scrapbook for each trip. And use some quotes as well as photos.

Yes, that's me taking tea on a beautiful July afternoon at Leeds Castle. Don't you love the perm? My hair is tamer now. Sorry for the poor quality photo.

There were many other goodies in this British issue of Victoria. I loved the French Laundry vintage fabric carry all bags on page 19 and the European inspired bath canisters with apothecary script. I found out about a Fall shopping and train excursion that I would like to attend and there was a nice article about the store French General.

If you don't have the current issue I strongly recommend that you pick up a copy. You will be in awe of the photography and there's always something of interest on every page.


Look at you ... being all Victoria-ish and all : ) I would sometimes try to dress like the women did in Victoria magazine. Oh how I wanted to live among those pages!

You just reminded me that I need to subscribe! I WILL do that today!

Sahildeki Ev said…
I love the lavenders. I try to grow them in my little garden but couldnt succedd in growing enough for a bouquet..
Salmagundi said…
I picked this issue up and briefly looked through it at the newsstand; then put it back. I've had to curtail my magazine buying because of the cost. But, on your recommendation; I think I'll go buy it. I do love England! Sally
kayellen said…
Thanks for the heads up on the magazine..I have been alll about my teens!!

I need to have a spot of tea and relax with a good magazine:)

Love your pic from the castle!!

Have a good week:)

Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hey There
You are making me jealous!! I'm not sure if we have this magazine here. I do get Romantic Homes when I can find it. These articles are all things I love also. So Nice to meet you there in your travel photo!! Have Fun reading your mag. x Julie

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