Ocean Park Illumination Night

Saturday night a group of us attended the Ocean Park Illumination Night in Maine. It was a picture perfect evening. Not too warm and not too cool with wonderful moonlight reflecting on the ocean.

We walked the beach and listened to the sound of the waves. I just love the smell of the ocean/beach. The breeze was gentle Saturday night.

Before the beach walk and the illumination, we took in the sights of the town. The temple was so charming on the outside.

Some of us checked out the antiques store.

Of course, there had to be ice cream consumed at some point! Check out the Graham Central Station flavor. I was curious but I didn't order it.

He's making my sundae.

And there it is, peppermint stick ice cream with hot fudge sauce and whipped cream.

Some of the cottages just had lights, no lanterns. It was still very pretty.

Some of the streets were lined with scallop shells with tea lights inside them. So adorable!

The young man who owned this cottage came out to talk to us. The cottage had been in his family for generations. I'd love to see it in the daytime.

These were my favorite lanterns. Probably because I love animals. Or maybe because they were so unique. I consider myself a lantern conoisseur and I have never seen anything like them.

We spoke with the woman who owned the lanterns and she said she got them in Singapore! She lived there for 32 years.

The lanterns are made of cellophane.

Her name is Pam and she lives in Ocean Park. She posed with us for our group shot.

Luminarias lined this cottage's steps. The little candle jars were decorated with tissue paper on the outside. The homeowner's children had made them.

This cottage had more of the traditional type lanterns.

They were so pretty when illuminated.

A Highland band entertained the crowd and walked up and down the streets of the town.

A cross and lights along a fence leading to the beach.

A couple stood near the entrance to the beach and they gave free candles with a little card. Everyone lit their candles and put them in shallow holes in the sand.

We lit candles and said prayers for our friend's mom who had passed away a day earlier.

The candles stayed lit despite the seabreeze.

One of the homeowners opened up his garden to the public. It looked gorgeous even in the evening light.

Another evening garden shot.

This one gets the most whimsical and most labor intensive award.

Although, we arrived too late for the Strawberry Shortcake Festival, we had no regrets. We all had a wonderful evening.

I wish to thank Don for giving me permission to use some of his photos for this post.


Julie@beingRUBY said…
Wonderful post.. and looks like a gorgeous evening and time was had by all.. The first pic is of course just my thing. Can you go out and do it again on the full moon. hehe I've been trying to work out what it is on the horizon in that pic? Thanks for taking us along once again. Probably a good idea my icecream sundae is only virtual. Ciao Julie
Anonymous said…
What great pictures. This 'Illumination Night' is a bit different than the one on the Vineyard, although the concept and the lanterns remain pretty much the same thing.
I love these Americana events... everyone always looks so happy.
Thank you so much for your post.
Salmagundi said…
What a great excursion! And with friends, a bonus. Have a wonderful week. Sally
Unknown said…
What a fabulous event! I love it! It looks like just the sort of thing I would enjoy very much. :)
Allidink said…
How awesome! Gosh you go to such neat places! I want to travel over there now all the time! lol Love all the photos. What a magical night :)

All the best,
Sea Angels said…
What a magical evening, and how beautiful to be able to light memory candles. I really love the lanterns they are so reminiscent of Singer Sergent paintings, and of summer.
Hugs Lynn xxxxx
Now how come I didn't know about this? What a wonderful way to spend the evening in a beautiful town. Summer evenings are so delightful!

So which one are you in the group photo?

Peppermint stick ice cream with hot fudge ... one of my faves!
Elaine said…
Thanks Ladies, for all your wonderful comments.

Julie, I'd love to go back at the full moon and take another ocean shot.

Sharon, I took the photo so I'm not in it.
Salmagundi said…
Thanks for stopping by today. And THANKS for your comment. It warmed my heart as yours was the only one that thought our little house was the better of the two. I hesitated to voice my opinion, but our hearts fell when we saw the renovation. Newer and bigger is not always better. Have a good week. Sally
Yarni Gras! said…
your photos are always so breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

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