Meet Tiger Lily

This is Tiger Lily. She is my friend and she lives with my friend Kim and Kim's family.

I'm lucky because Tiger lives just a couple streets over from me so I get to visit her often.

Compared to my cats, she's tiny. She only weighs about 6 lbs.

Can you find her in the photo? She loves to hide in the foliage.

And she loves to lounge on her front walkway and cool off on the stone wall.

This is pure kitty joy!

Such a sweet little face.

What's that in the bushes?

Rats !! It was a false alarm!

Tiger wants to end the photo shoot. She's got to troll the grounds and look for her next meal. Eek!

One more thing- Julie from Being Ruby awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you Julie
I am honored to receive this award from you. I will pass it on but not just yet. I need to give it some thought!


Julie@beingRUBY said…
OH You are welcome Elaine!!

I just popped over to see who your new friend is! I suspect you are turning me into a cat lover!! haha

She certainly is one little cuty. Love the 'hides in folliage' pic!

Pop on back over my way I'm having a giveway. You're welcome to bring your friends too!! hehe
Allidink said…
Awww love kitties! Is she named after Tiger Lily the Indian princess from Peter Pan? lol.

All the best,
Fifi Flowers said…
Tiger Lily is GORGEOUS!!! I will be back with something to show you!
Tiger Lily is a beauty alright! I have to admit, I always cringe a little when I see outdoor cats, don't you? Just because I worry about all the dangers. Looks like she is well taken care of though and hopefully lives in a safe area. Not to mention a beautiful area!
Aimee Boschet said…
She is adorable!!! I have had my cat for almost 17 years.

Thank you so much for visiting my Blog ealier and leaving such a sweet and thoughtful comment! It really meant a lot to me...
Have a great weekend,
What a cutie! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the sweet comments! I will be following you and enjoying visiting New England thru your blog!
Unknown said…
Awwww...look at that sweet kitty! That's a perfect name for her, too! :)
Sweet Sage said…
She's gorgeous!
Don't think she minded all the attention!!

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