Gone to Maine !!

I'm off to Maine with my sister for a little R&R. I can't wait. As I left work this evening a wave of happiness came over me. Knowing that I do not have to think about work until Monday is quite the vacation in itself!

Time to stop and smell the beach roses!

And let the ocean and blue sky mesmerize me.

Or have a spot of tea or a cool drink on the porch.

No worries about the kitties. They're in the good hands of my friend Don AKA The Cat Whisperer. Hopefully someone can pry his camera away from him!

Will the kits be speaking to me when I return? Molly will. I've left her
with Don before, but Oscar, well we shall see.


Salmagundi said…
Is that Pediquid in the first picture? Have fun in one of my favorite places!! Sally
Good for you Elaine! I hope you have a wonderful time!

When we go away it seems the cats are always a bit freaked out when we come home but they get over it quickly.


I hope you are having a wonderful time in Maine! A friend and I once drove up the coast a bit and I was able to see and breathe and smell the misty ocean and rain and watch the fisherman pull in their catch of the day, sample wonderful fresh caught seafood. Oh, the memories!! I know I will enjoy your photos when you return and yes, I think Caesar will be speaking to you, especially if you are wearing a sweater that smells of fish! lol!!

Elaine, I want to apologize if I missed you on my blogroll. I too, was on vacation and missed so many posts of other favorite blogs. I have read your posts going back to the Illumination Night in Maine and to keep it short, everything was fantastic!!


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