Estate Sale Finds

I saw the sign at Starbucks, Estate Sale 10-4 Friday and Saturday. Immediately, my antenna went up and I knew where I would be come 10AM the next morning.

I knew from the moment I hit the entrance. Oh, yeah this was gonna be good. My friend Kim and I were prepared. Sufficiently caffeinated? Check. Cash on hand after a trip to the ATM? Check. Ok, let the games begin.

I thought it would be intrusive to take photos inside the house but let me just say the homeowner definitely had my taste. Tiffany lamps, luxurious bedding, stylish furniture. I could have spent a fortune, but, I was quite controlled.

I bought this little bottle/vase. Very cute.

This sweet print is going to fit right in with some of my other artwork. I have some artwork at the frame shop as we speak, this one is already framed which is a bonus. Yes, I took the photo outside the house!

There were 3 floors and a basement full of items and a separate garage with even more items! I loved the yard and asked permission to take a photo of the swing. Wish I had a big tree to hang it from!

The neighbor who lived across the street decided to have a tag sale to piggyback off the estate sale. Her house looked exceptional so we decided to pay her a visit too. She was so sweet, she let us walk around her garden. It was spectacular. Love this gate!

She had lots of rabbits of stone and metal.

There was a koi pond in the back yard and a shed, a beautiful arch. It went on and on.

Pops of color added a touch of whimsy to the garden.

The woman is trying to sell her home and she said she had St Joseph buried in the front and backyard. Do you see the ray of light shining on her door? Maybe she'll get a little help with her home sale.

It really was a special property. She had some lovely things too. And she said she would be having a moving sale once the house was sold. So I think we'll be back to her neighborhood.

At the tag sale, I bought these mother of pearl handle knives. I put a few in a glass to show you but there were many more of them.

I got an entire bag full of pretty floral cloth napkins for $5. There were about 5 different sets of 4-6 napkins. Great find.

I bought 5 pillows at the estate sale. I put them on my living room to see how they looked. Oscar immediately wanted to investigate.

Here's a closeup of one of the pillows.

I hope Oscar doesn't find that fringe too interesting!

Well, he finished the investigation and it looks like they got his seal of approval.
Oscar thinks it's time for a nap. Me too, rummaging through estate sales is hard work!


Julie@beingRUBY said…
Another beautiful post. Which is exactly why I have left you a little something at my blog! x Julie
Lady Katherine said…
I just love the gate! Now, the swing would come home with me!
Great finds the bottle, the print, Oh, I do love the pillows! What a deal on all the napkins!
Love those pillows! Looks like you were very successful!
Kim said…
Thanks for visiting me! :) I just enjoyed myself to bits going through the estate sale and tag sale with you through your photos.
Nice job Elaine! You hit a couple of jackpots! The front doors alone are gorgeous.

Looks like you have some nice purchases. The knives alone are beautiful. Oscar is wondering why that pillow smells so odd, but apparently he's willing to put up with it ; )

Donna said…
Oh my gosh, you found some great things! I am drooling over those napkins and the knives! Loved the ray of sunshine over the door. I hope she find a buyer for that beautiful home!... Donna
Unknown said…
You found some great stuff! Estate sales are like treasure hunting, never know what you'll find!
Unknown said…
Forgot to say how much I love that swing!!!

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