English Meadows Inn

I'm back from vacation and well rested thanks to my stay at the English Meadows Inn in Kennebunkport, Maine. Today's post is all about the Inn. I'll share photos from my vacation with stops in Ogunquit, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Wells later this week.

The inn is a cheery yellow home with a beautiful garden. Our innkeeper, Bruce was the perfect host. He spent time with us going over maps and discussing things to do.

Gorgeous flowers add a touch of color to the guest entrance.

A bench where the weary traveler can rest.

Tigger, the resident cat, is the sweetest! He's living the good life at 21 years old.

Comfortable seating near the reception area.

I love this dragonfly lamp! My room was right off this lovely area.

A collection of Asian items. Aren't they fascinating?

This is my room, the Surrey. I chose it for the blue and white theme. And I do love toile!

I wrote in my comments that this was the most comfortable bed I ever slept in and that's the truth. I think there was a feather bed under the sheets. I had the most restful sleep in a long time. Maybe it was the cool Maine air.

Here's my bathroom. So charming. I loved the patterns in the wallpaper.

My white iron bed. I could have slept all day in that bed but I was motivated to get up for breakfast knowing the gourmet feast awaiting me each morning.

Sherry in the decanter if you wanted to imbibe.

A cozy chair for reading.

A chair for company and a marble table.

My sister's room was adorable too. Hers was called the Bingley and it was decorated in shades of pink.

Her bathroom was a bit bigger as was her room.

As I mentioned the breakfasts were grand. This is grand marnier french toast and artisan sausage links from the area.

Mom's apple cake. Yum!

Apples with granola and devonshire cream. Another morning we had poached pears in an orange sauce.

Here's a four cheese crustless quiche which remained piping hot all through breakfast. We shared a table with two delightful women, Florence and Sheila. They were enroute to Bar Harbor. We enjoyed their company and exchanged email addresses.

Another morning we conversed with a couple from Connecticut.

One day we had afternoon tea at the Inn. Such pretty china!

The presentation was fantastic.

We had an organic lemon curd made by Bruce, a seedless raspberry jam from a local farm, and devoshire cream for our scones.

We had scones and sweet treats. Luckily, I only had to share with my sister. At the next table a grandmother and grandaughter from Saco, Maine were enjoying an afternoon together before the grandaughter went back to school and the sixth grade.

The scones were warm and delicious. I can't exactly remember the flavors but I think one had apricots and pecans in it.

The sideboard housed a collection of teapots and there were many more in the china cabinet.

A relaxing spot to read a book or enjoy the sunshine.

The gardens were so well cared for.

Cheery flowers add a pop of color.

This chair was mine each morning before breakfast. This is where I had my first cup of coffee. Hot drinks were available each morning before breakfast. I enjoyed my cup of coffee with the same couple each morning. They were from Virginia and they were traveling with their service dog Coji. Coji always tried to take a sip of my coffee but don't worry he never succeeded. He was trained to serve for four diabilities. The wife was legally blind and deaf and had balance issues. Coji was a wonder.

After reading this rather lengthy post, you can see why I would love to make a return trip to the English Meadows Inn. My sister would agree, our stay was perfect. I wonder if they have availability in the Fall?


Julie@beingRUBY said…
Like walking into another world.. a pretty, charming world! And kitty 21... our family cat made it to?? 19 or so..I think.

My blogs back. I had put it on private whilst I fixed a boo boo and forgot to put it back.. freaked ppl out.. hahaha

Glad you are back. Wonderful photos as usual. x Julie
Bruce Jackson said…
Elaine, what wonderful comments! And your photographs are super. I should make you the official writer and photographer for the Inn's website. In case any of your friends or readers would like to see more about the English Meadows Inn in Kennebunkport, the link is www.englishmeadowsinn.com.
I look forward to seeing you again....and please bring your camera! Bruce
RobinfromCA said…
What a wonderful place! Your photos make me feel as if I were there with you! Can't wait to read more about your trip!

That all sounds heavenly! I would love to do something like that and take my mom!

~ Pam
Michelle said…
Oh my gosh...why didn't you call me to go along? What an adorable inn!! The bedrooms were just gorgeous and isn't it funny how much more comfortable beds are at sweet little inns like this? That food made me so hungry...I'm headed to the kitchen to cook something now! LOL Glad you had a wonderful time!


Sea Angels said…
what a fantastic recommendation!!! and such a delightful place, everything looking like that it is home from home, I would so love to stay there and `i see there is a link how fabulous now that would be a dreamy holiday...thankyou for this beautiful post it has brightened up my day
Hugs Lynn xxxx

This inn is incredible in every way. From the decor to your comfy rooms to the wonderful meals. I will definitely jot down the website Mr. Jackson left in his comments. Am going to Martha's Vineyard next year and maybe I will take a quick detour through Maine!! :-)

Donna said…
What a relaxing vacation you had! The Inn is just beautiful. I'm so glad you were able to get away and that you had wonderful weather!! (I can't believe that kitty is TWENTY-ONE! Longevity clearly runs in his little genes!!)... Donna

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