Do I have domestic issues?

So the kitty pictured above was seen with a dustbunny on her whisker this morning. Which led me to believe that it was time to take stock of my domestic skills and to get out the Swiffer Dry Mop.

Or perhaps I should adopt this philosphy?


Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hey Elaine
I suspect I just sent you a comment that was meant for another blog... oooops

Do I have communications issues?
YES I DO!! hahaha

Do I have Domestic Issues?

Funny cat... love that image and love the vintage poster too.. I need that one!!

PS I also need your blue & white quilt from a previous kitty post!!
xx Julie
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Nope... no extra comment.. Ok just fessed up to stupidity for nothing!!! hahahaha
Salmagundi said…
I think everyone as domestic issues of some sort. But, I don't think that a clean house is a wasted life. For me, at any rate, when the house is clean and together, I feel free to go out and meet the world. Then, coming home is always a joy, too. Sally's just the nooks and crannies, right? Your kitty was probably snooping waaaaay under something! My dust bunnies ARE made of cat hair anyway! :-)
RobinfromCA said…
Nope, there is no such thing as a dust bunny free house. Just like real bunnies, they multiply in the night!
Sahildeki Ev said…
I am sure the kitty will clean herself so stick with the very wise words :)) By the way I also liked and enjoy your blog..
Michelle said…
Oh man, okay so I totally agree with not wasting time cleaning your house but I just can't STAND a messy house and guess what? I'm sitting in one! Lol! I wonder if my kitties would dust bust for me too. ;)

Have a great weekend, Elaine!
Donna said…
LOVE it! ha ha... And in any case, dust bunnies look cute on kitty whiskers (I know that from personal experience!!!!)... Donna
Aimee Boschet said…
That sign is so classic!

Tomorrow I am putting up a post showing my 3 NEW PILLOW designs. Stop by and say hi if you get a chance!
Have a great weekend!

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