Camera Critters #70- Alpaca Farm

Today I am participating in my first Camera Critters Meme. Since I love animals I thought this would be perfect for me. I have endless shots of my cats but I thought I would share some special vacation photos for my first post.

Last August I vacationed on Martha's Vineyard with some friends. A visit to an alpaca farm was on my to do list. These gentle animals stole my heart. I call these two The Gossip Girls.

I think this guy was on vacation too. Or maybe just having an afternoon siesta.

The baby was very inquisitive. She came right over to me. I love her knees.

An afternoon snack sounds good.

They all had different personalities. Do you think this one might have an ego?

This one is stuck in the 80's.

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Kim said…
It's my first time too! :) So glad I found you. I love your blog.

I think my favorite one is the baby. Too cute!

I have mine up now. Come on over and visit for awhile.

Enjoy your week!
Salmagundi said…
What adorable pictures. You really did capture their personalities! Sally
Anonymous said…
I love the last photo! Too funny. Thanks for sharing.
Noner said…
I've never seen a baby Alpaca before. Too cute!

My camera critter is at:Rattitude
Mimi said…
Wow those pictures really made me smile. They look SO sweet. I must admit that in the 80's I did have a haircut similiar to that last guy :)
SquirrelQueen said…
The baby Alpaca is so cute, I've never seen one before. All of them do seem to have different personalities.

Your cats are so pretty and the photo you used in the header is beautiful.

Welcome to Camera Critters.
Forgetfulone said…
Welcome to Camera Critters! Love the alpacas.
Carletta said…
These are so cute! I've never seen one saw little.
You have alpacas and I had llamas -very cool!

Thanks for your visit.
Willard said…
They are so cute!
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi there. I love your critters!
We had a 'dwarf' minature horse on our morning show here today. Never seen anything like it.. about the size of a medium size dog... So cute... it was nuzzling with a full size horse!! hehe

BUT.... I am here to tell you I have left you some awards over at my place! Thanks for your beautiful blog! x Julie
storyteller said…
What a delightful series of 'critter' photos for your first post. Welcome ... and thanks for sharing these adorable friends.
Hugs and blessings,
Donna said…
Oh my gosh - just too, too sweet! I'm sending a link to my daughters, who love alpacas!... Donna
Unknown said…
I love their fuzzy heads! But that baby is TOO cute!
This was also ly first week in Camera Critters, with a late posting. These alpaca's are wonderful.. love the expressions on their cure little faces!
Teacup Mosaics said…
Too cutie pototie! I love all the different faces and their personalities. Thanks for stopping by to visit!
Hee hee, these are too cute Elaine. I always want to hug or pat Llamas and Alpacas but they won't ever get close enough! At least the baby was friendly.

That mop top is so funny! Looks like it could use a headband, or a haircut.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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