Vacation Day in Rockport

Last Thursday, I took a vacation day from work and my sister and I went to Rockport. Even a day trip can feel like a mini vacation when you are relaxing by the ocean. I took so many photos I decided to make mosaics so my post wouldn't be too long.

The day started out very dreary, but, there was still beauty all around us.

A while later, the fog lifted and the sky was still overcast, but, we didn't mind- just look at the vibrant colors of the flowers.

We started out at the Bean and Leaf Cafe. There's a porch at the back of the cafe
and as we sipped our coffee and tea we watched the ocean. Some people read the morning paper or just relaxed.

I happened upon La Provence and of course I had to go in and check it out. I bought some colorful dishtowels and I plan to make them into kitchen curtains.

We went to our favorite place for lunch, Brackett's Oceanview. The view from the large picture window is spectacular. We had fried shrimp rolls and they were delicious. The room that leads to the dining room is so pretty. It is furnished with antiques, even the restroom is elegantly decorated.

I loved the little shop called Sycamore Hollow. Their merchandise displays were so interesting. I could have blown my budget in that one store if I'd had more time. Luckily we had to get back to the parking meter before we got a ticket. Actually that's happened to me before so we were mindful of the time.

The last stop was Helmut's Strudel Shop. Normally, we sit on the deck and enjoy a hot apple strudel but my sister needed to be back home in the early afternoon so we took it to go. I did take a photo from the deck so you could experience the view.

We took a five hour mini vacation and we enjoyed every minute of it.


Julie@beingRUBY said…
This is so beautiful I don't know where to start and where to stop. Thanks for posting my favourite 'Rockport' again. You are once clever girl!
Julie@beingRUBY said…
oopps.. 'one clever''.. not 'once'!! very different meaning. ha ha [i'm always typing backwards in comments]
Unknown said…
Rockport looks like a fabulous place to visit! Thanks for sharing the photos. :)
Salmagundi said…
Fried shrimp rolls plus strudel - yum!! Take a day off anytime to take great pictures to share!! Sally
Sweet Sage said…
Fabulous Post!
Loved this mosaic journey!!!
ADORABLE header!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kayellen said…
Beautiful Elaine:)

Looks like a wonderful getaway!

Donna said…
You always take the most incredible photos of Rockport. We try to go at least once each summer, and it's on our "to do" list for August, before the girls head back to Boston in September. This has been a very trying summer, weatherwise, hasn't it? I've decided I'm not going to let rain postpone plans any longer. We'll just all take umbrellas and sing in the rain as we go on with our plans!... Donna

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