Fabulous finds at The Stock Exchange

As promised, I am sharing my finds from The Stock Exchange, a consignment shop in Manchester, Massachusetts.

Earlier this year I bought some vintage or vintage looking suitcases and I've been on the hunt for a luggage rack as a base for them. I planned to stack the suitcases and possibly use them for a bedside nightstand. At The Stock Exchange, I found exactly what I was looking for. Here's the aerial view of my fabulous luggage rack.

Here's the side view. Don't you love it? I am going to think I am always on vacation!

And here it is with the suitcases on top. I just threw the flowers in there for some color. I think it will be quite the conversation piece when it's transformed into a nightstand.

I couldn't resist this little mirror.

I hit the jackpot with these linens. The napkins on top were a separate purchase but the rest was sold as a lot.

I put one of the linens under this frame for a bit of contrast. And yes that photo was purchased from Sara @ Sadie Olive.

More of the linens. Each one was prettier than the next.

Even the box was a great find. I just love the pastel colors.

I can't wait to go back there. There was so much to look at I'm sure I missed something!


Glad you found your suitcases. They are perfect for the look you wanted.

Love the old linens too. I can't pass them up! And I adore Sadie Olive. Sara has a wonderful blog. She is a kick.

Have a great weekend!! :-)

Anonymous said…
I'd say you hit the jackpot indeed! All of your treasures are just beautiful. I adore the linens, what a lost art with all that hand detail work. LOVE the suitcase rack too!
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Some gorgeous finds. If you ever tire of those suitcases they would love a little trip to Australia. Love your new banner also. OH to be as happy as a kitty kat laying in the sun!

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