Just hanging out with the Kits

It's a beautiful Saturday morning. Peaceful, on the warm side but with a cool breeze. The sun has been out for two straight days!

I opened one window in the kitchen. Oscar discovered it first. One cat, one open window.

Then Molly noticed the window. One open window, two cats. Is she bowing at his feet?

She wants the window to herself. She wants him OUT!

She may act non-chalant but she wants him gone from that window.

Stay tuned!


Allidink said…
Haha kitties! So cute! :)

All the best,
Anonymous said…
They look so sweet together! I wish we had just a little of your cool breeze here.
Anonymous said…
Love love love your blog & your cats. I have two Ragdolls and one Sphynx!!

Nice to meet you!!

Agneta from Sweden
jen said…
Thanks for visiting my blog...i just adore those little fur-babies!!

Take care!

Unknown said…
Ha ha! I love kitties! They are so cute. That open window looks nice and it has a lovely view, too! :)
Sweet Sage said…
i LOVE this!
so sweet!

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