Favorite Quote

"Taking Joy in Life is a Woman's Best Cosmetic" - Rosalind Russell

Looking forward to my next vacation day!


Julie@beingRUBY said…
OH vacations... I neeeeeeeeeeed one! Winter is dragging over here. Even though it does not get too cold ... everyone has the flu... I think half of Sydney has the flu! I do need a holiday! Just have to keep looking at summer and other ppls vacations online!! I have to admit I have had JOY from blogging.. thinking about more than work is good!!! and new friends.. and your 'Oscar' stories give me joy in life!! and I'm rambling!! he he Julie
Salmagundi said…
In the picture, which one is you? And which lighthouse is in the background? I'm curious today - the quote is right on though. Sally
Elaine said…
Hi Sally,

I am the one on the left and my sister is the one on the right.

The lighthouse is Nubble Light in York, Maine.
Unknown said…
Ya know what!?! That is soooo true! I love it! :)
Sweet Sage said…
.. and your cosmetics look beautiful on you .. :)
kayellen said…
Love vacations!!!Getaways are the best:)

Love where you live!
Can't wait to visit again,


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