Daytripper Yeah!

I had a vacation day last week so I decided to take a daytrip to Manchester and Beverly.

Once I arrived I was greeted by a pretty little town with charming shops and restaurants. These flowers were outside Calais Restaurant.

A friend told me about this store, The Stock Exchange. They sell vintage and consignment items. What did I find there? That's a separate post, but, here's a hint, it was real good!

Here's one of their window displays.

The nice man who was painting this building said I could take photos. This building is known as Seaside No. 1. It was built in 1885 to house a steam pump.

Here's one of the steam pumps.

And another one.

Since 1970, this building has been under the care of the Manchester Historical Society.

I visited the Nantucket Chocolatier and picked up some jimmies made from chocolate shavings. These chocolate scallops looked good too!

This windowbox was too cute! I just had to snap a photo.

Next stop, Beverly. I visited Sweetwater and Company. There was so much to see. I think I spent over an hour there. Lots of great stuff.

Some Sailor Valentines. I thought these were only sold on Nantucket Island!

Lots of starfish, scallop shells, and a pretty garland.

More goodies to look through. Love the shiny silver.

More beachy themed gifts. You know I walked away with some of those mini candles with scents like White Sand and Sea Breeze.

I also picked up some Mermaid cupcake toppers and liners. Guess I'll be bringing cupcakes to the next cookout.

As for my fabulous finds from the Stock Exchange, you'll just have to wait til my
next post!


Michelle said…
Gosh I really MUST get out where you are. Is every town around you that quaint and adorable? I'm so jealous! What a fun day!
RobinfromCA said…
Oooo, I want some of those shiny silver things! Everything looks like so much fun!

I have got to get down to Cape Ann one day this summer. I haven't been there in years. I think your pictures look so pretty.
Is their a Manchester, Mass? I didn't know!

What a wonderful day off you had! I love all the places you visited. At first I thought Seaside No. 1 was a former church. Doesn't it kind of look like one?

I could use that seashell/starfish garland for the bathroom I just remodeled! If I were smart I would make one myself, but quite frankly don't feel like it. he hee . . .

Glad you enjoyed such beautiful weather too : )

Julie@beingRUBY said…
I love your little adventures. They take me on a holiday too!!! That is some 'window shopping'.
What quaint little towns! I love to visit places like that! Anxious to see what treasures you came home with!
Salmagundi said…
I always love a day trip in New England. Since it will be awhile before I can return, I'll live vicariously through you. Thanks. Sally
Pug1 said…
How fun!!!! CHEERS! Michele
Unknown said…
Oh how I have longed, dreamed to vacation on the east coast...some day! How lucky you are!!

:) T

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