Breakfast at Wimbledon

Last Sunday, I hosted my annual Wimbledon Breakfast party. Every July, I have my friends and family over to watch the Wimbledon Gentlemen's Final and to eat a hearty breakfast.

As you all know, Roger Federer won his sixth Wimbledon title. He beat American Andy Roddick on the 4th of July weekend. That's just wrong!

We started the morning with crackers, cheese, and fruit. Cranberry cinnamon goat cheese, baby swiss, and English wensleydale with rosemary and sea salt crackers, English biscuits, and petit toasts.

My sister'a teapot from Harrod's was filled with Harrod's No 42 tea (Earl Grey).

A purple and green bouquet reflected the colors of Wimbledon. The tea rack held more selections for the guests should they tire of Harrod's No. 42.

Molly got distracted by something outside the window.

Oscar got tired of watching the long match. He wanted to play his own games.

Andy Roddick gave it his all.

But Roger Federer had all the graceful moves and he persevered.

Evidently, Molly and Oscar had a little difference of opinion.

Ww had baked french toast, frittata, fruit salad, scones with lemon curd, strawberry jan and mock devonshire cream. This fruit tart was just one of the dessert selections. Everyone made something for the party.

I served Starbucks coffee to finish off breakfast.

In the end, heartbroken Andy was gracious. He pushed Roger to the limit but like all true champions Roger found a way to win. It was quite the match and a jolly good time for the spectators, especially those watching from home.


Michelle said…
Now you, my dear, are the perfect hostess! Love the cheese and cracker presentation in the beginning....and that fruit tart! How adorable!!
Salmagundi said…
Yummy looking food! I loved the Harrod's tea pot. All I brought home from Harrod's was a tea towel, but thoroughly enjoyed walking around their kitchen department. It's nice your friends & family can count on a fun Sunday a.m. every year to watch Wimbledon. Sally
Unknown said…
That sounds like a fabulous tradition! The berry tart looks delish! That teapot is very cool!
Allidink said…
What a fun party! It looks really yummy! Yay for Harrods tea pot so cute!

All the best,
Paris Bound said…
hmmmmm................Went to Tealux and purchased some wonderful chocolate and herb tea recently. Might make a nice addition for next time!!!!
kayellen said…
How fun Elaine!

Looks like a wonderful day:)

Love to watch Tennis too!

Fifi Flowers said…
LOVED breakfast at Wimbledon... love Roger... love Roddick... but I wanted Roger... yea!!! Good to see someone accomplish goals!

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