Reminiscing - Hidden Pond Cottages

I've decided to try something new and post photos from the past few years. When I do a post like this one, I'll call it Reminiscing. Some of the photos might be from my pre-blog or early blog days. I was just learning to upload photos back then!

Today's post is about a birthday gift I received from my friend Kim. In June of last year, Kim took me to Kennebunkport and Biddeford Pool, Maine. We went to a house tour of the Cottages at Hidden Pond and then we had a late lunch in Biddeford Pool.

Talk about a sleeping porch! Don't you love this bed?

Such a pretty setting. If you rent one of these cottages, you can have a personal

This bedroom was so dreamy. I love the color combination.

Isn't this a clever towel rack? Love it!

Don't you want to rent one of these?

I would sit here all day, sipping lemonade or ice tea with a good summer read.

Here's the view from the place where we had lunch.

We sat at one of these tables and enjoyed the ocean view. I had the most delicious shrimp roll I ever tasted and the parmesan fries were yummy too!

The fog was starting to roll in at Biddeford Pool. I had to quickly snap this photo before darkness settled in. The end to a perfect day.


Allidink said…
What great photos you took! I especially loved the last one!

All the best,
Unknown said…
What a lovely place! Those are cool towel racks.

Oh, a personal divine! :)
Julie@beingRUBY said…
The cottage is just lovely. What a great place to unwind. And all your photos are fabulous as they always are, but the last one!!!! Divine!
Salmagundi said…
Oh! A personal chef - that would be perfect at a wonderful cottage like that. I'd love to leave for there right now. Sally
Maya said…
Love the oars as towel holder. How neat is that! And I added to my post about decorating with oars (pictures links back to your blog).
mimi charmante said…
What a fabulous post! Thank you for your comment on flickr - the cupcakes are indeed homemade - thus, the simple flags as decoration... :)

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