Oscar's Anniversary

One year ago today I rescued Oscar. At the time he was living in the parking lot of my old apartment building. When my landlord wouldn't let me take him in the building, I knew it was time to move. Some say Oscar is the reason I bought my condo. I just think it gave me the push I needed to make a move. I wasn't happy where I was living anyway.

As you can see, Oscar is healthy and happy and loving life as an indoor kitty!


Unknown said…
Happy Catoversary! Hee hee!
kayellen said…
Elaine..what an adorable pose:)

...Oscar is so sweet and very handsome!!!

Great Pic!!!

Hope I have time to join in the burlap fun...crazy time for me.

Allidink said…
Aw! Bless you for saving his poor little life! I would have done the same poo on the landlord lol. He is so cute :)

All the best,
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Happy New Life Oscar! I think we are sent just the right challenges to push us where we need to go. He is such a cutie!
Salmagundi said…
Congrats, Oscar! You have found the perfect home. Sally
Sweet Sage said…
So glad you found each other!!
Happy Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary Oscar! You are so adorable! I certainly see why your mommy loves you. Not to mention I love a good rescue story ; )

Kitty Kisses
Michelle said…
Awwwww...happy anniversary Oscar! Love that name. :) I would have done the same thing...move..just for my kitties. :) Good for you! You're a good mommy.
Anonymous said…
I love that gorgeous Oscar. He is so lucky to have you for his Mom. Your header is fantastic and I could just curl up in that lovely room with some tea and a good book. I think that you are great.

Deb said…
Happy anniversary to you & Oscar! What a beautiful cat he is.

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