New Lamp

Remember the money I got from my Dad for my birthday? Well I used it to buy this lamp. I think it's amazing! The colors are simply gorgeous. I am going to put it in the middle window of my living room. A place of honor since it has the wow factor I'm looking for. Now of course, I really have to get going on the window treatments. Any and all ideas would be appreciated.

Here's a closer look at the colors of the lamp.

As with any new item that comes into the home, Molly must inspect it and approve it.
I think she likes it!


Unknown said…
That is gorgeous! People driving by the house when that lamp on will definitely notice it! Hope you don't cause traffic accidents, LOL! It looks like Molly approves! :)
I adore tiffany style lamps and you really did get your wow factor on this one! Very nice choice. You will have to show up pictures of your window to throw you some ideas. For now, the Lamp is a wonderful statement.
Allidink said…
Sweet lamp! I love lamps like that yay for birthday money lol. Your kitty is so cute!

All the best,
Money well spent I'd say. Very pretty Elaine. I would be nervous Molly would knock the table over and break the lamp ... but that's how I am.

Pretty new header photo!

Jeanne said…
Beautiful lamp
Salmagundi said…
Great lamp! That is a good use of your birthday money - it will provide enjoyment much longer than any window treatments. Just hope the kitties don't get too rambunctious around it!! Sally
Paris Bound said…
Hey Elaine.I have to agree with A New England Life..... yikes!!! One swish of a tail.......but it is very nice!!!!! Di.
Anonymous said…
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Unknown said…
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