Lace Curtain

Recently, I made a purchase from Ebay and yesterday the package arrived. I ordered a 1920 French cotton lace curtain panel for my front door. The package arrived quickly from England and when I opened it I was delighted.

I just tacked it up for the photo. As you can see, Molly was interested. She now has a better view when looking out the front door. The blinds previously in place were rather cumbersome for her.

Here's a closeup of the detail on the bottom of the panel.

I used the flash so you could appreciate the ecru color of the panel. I thought it might not look nice with the crisp white door but I actually like the contrast.

I haven't purchased anything from Ebay in years, I might just have to check in more often!


Cindy said…
That looks beautiful!!! I wish I had a glass door like that!
Unknown said…
That is absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE it with the wreath showing through the other side of the door, too! SO pretty! :)
Allidink said…
That is so pretty! And it's vintage which is awesome! Your kitty is adorable :) I really like the color too I think it works great.

All the best,
Julie@beingRUBY said…
How lovely and very special being from the 1920's! I think ecru colour is looks great!
Oh how beautiful. It will be so pretty with the sunlight coming through it. I think you will enjoy that for years to come.
How pretty! Hopefully Molly approves, and hopefully she won't claw it.

I keep saying I need more beautiful decorative linens in my house but so far it isn't happening.

suesueb said…
the panel is so lovely and looks great on your door! i loved my present from you. i'll take pics as soon as i get a camera-right now all i can do is upload what i have on the computer already. thanks so much!!
Anonymous said…
I love it! Your home looks beautiful!!!
Salmagundi said…
Beautiful! I love the ecru with the white. I know you and Molly will enjoy it. Sally
Very pretty! I have always loved lace for my window treatments and the ecru has a nice softness to it. It looks good with the wood floor as well.

Have never done ebay. Sort of afraid what trouble it may stir up!

kayellen said…
Really pretty Elaine..

tells those sweet kittys to stay away from the lace! lol

At my house when i do something new....Napoleon sees everything as a new toy just for him!

have a great weekend:)


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