It's Alive

Yes, it's alive! Or should I say she's alive! My 2004 Toyota Highlander, lovingly called Fiona Rose nearly lost her life on May 9th of this year. If you want to see the twisted metal from our accident check under the May archives. I will be forever thankful that she did her job and I walked away from the wreck.

Her extreme makeover cost my insurance company $10, 485. and me $300. Her front end is made up of recycled parts, welded together, and color matched to the best of the ability of the technicians at Boch Toyota, the place I bought her. Thank you Bob Morton for the daily updates.

She seems tighter, leaner than before the accident, perhaps a little liposuction that I didn't know about? So will she be a monster or will she hum and purr like the old Fiona?. Time will tell!

Enjoy the clip from Young Frankenstein. (Turn off the playlist to the right on the page.)


Unknown said…
LOL! I just love Gene Wilder's work! He's such a funny guy!
Allidink said…
Aw I remember your accident. Glad you were ok! Glad the car is too :) Love Young Frankenstein LOL.

All the best,
Michelle said…
Lol! Congrats on getting her back! Wow, that was a lot of money.
Salmagundi said…
Thank goodness for insurance! At that price, I'm surprised they didn't total her out. Have you been without a car all of this time? Bet you are glad she is back home. Have a great week. Sally
I loved that movie! It was so funny!

Glad your vehicle is back in ship shape. What a pain car accidents are! It throws your whole life into a funk.


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