Festival By The Lake

Saturday was a picture perfect day. The weather was warm and sunny, so I decided to spend some time outdoors. I planned to visit both the Winchester Farmer's Market and the Festival By The Lake in Wakefield. I ended up with just enough time to do one activity so I chose the Festival By The Lake. It is a once a year event whereas the Farmer's Market will be there next weekend.

Canopies spotted the lawn by the lake. The area was packed as it is when there is a fireworks event. Perhaps the fabulous weather contributed to the crowds. There were hot dog and lemonade vendors, sausage and slush carts, and of course, kettle corn! Kid's activities were very well attended. Everyone was out walking their dogs or taking their babies in a stroller. It was a real family friendly atmosphere.

I went for the sunshine and the shopping! I took photos of my favorite booths. These designs under glass caught my eye. Little starfish and leaves under glass made lovely designs on candleholders, picture frames, and coasters.

These rockin recycled popcorn bowls are the coolest! They're made from old records.
Remember vunyl records? I loved looking at all the old record labels. This one caught my eye because it was a Beatles record.

Maybe you prefer James Taylor or Prince. They do custom work too. Check out their
website at www.methuenyogamat.com .

These bracelets were quite nice. There were lots of jewelry artisans.

I just thought this display was cute.

And so was this one. The vendor name was Memories in Glass. Loved the beachy scene.

Nancy of Designs by Nancy was very accomodating and let me take several photos of her beautiful handpainted glassware. Contact her at nancypaints@msn.com

Isn't her work lovely?

Such vibrant colors!

This pitcher could easily have gone home with me, if I had more room in my bag.

I did buy something from this vendor but that's for another post.

The folks at Old Quarry Farm of Haverhill, MA were so nice. I took a few photos of their space. They had wonderful containers for their flowers and plants.

What a great color on this tub!

Windows by Lisa had interesting pieces. I found a few pieces I wanted but without a measuring tape I wasn't sure if they would work in the condo. I did get a small lavender arrangement in a wire cone for my bathroom.

This photo cracks me up! I was trying not to get in the photo but forgot about the other people around me.

I bought some organic soaps from a man from Quebec. Ooh la la! I loved his French accent. I am keeping them as future gifts and will show you them in a future post.
They are beautiful to look at and they smell heavenly.

I hope you enjoyed your trip to the Festival By The Lake. There was something for everyone!


Mary said…

This is a beautiful, feel-good blog! I am convinced that New England is the most scenic and colorful part of the country.
Those parked kayaks looked like Barbie shoes at first! I love the harbor and ocean views.

And, your photography shows it all off very well.

Thanks for stopping by.

What wonderful finds!!! It sounds like a terrific day!

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