The Bounty of the Winchester Farmer's Market

This morning I decided to pay a visit to the Winchester Farmer's Market. Wow, they had some great stuff!

Look at what I bought! Edible flowers with salad greens. I am told the little blue flowers taste like radishes. Some baby swiss cheese from Boggy Meadow Farm. At the Cocoa Express booth, I bought cranberry oat scones and apple crisp muffins.

Although a little out of focus, these strawberries still look yummy, don't they?

I forgot about the lemon zucchini bread also from Cocoa Express. This is going in the freezer until next weekend when my friends come over for my annual Wimbeldon Breakfast. More about that in a future post.

As you can see, I had a wonderful time at the Farmer's Market. The sun was actually shinig this morning. We've had 21 straight days of rain so it was a welcome sight!


Michelle said…
How fun! All of it looks so yummy and that lemon zucchini bread, yummy! Is that your bedroom on the header? How beautiful. :) I had my first "tea" at my place today. I'll be posting pictures tomorrow! :)
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi there. It is finally sunny here too, so this morning I sat and read my Traditional Home magazine on the balcony and look what I found [] I am assuming the image in your banner is your own home, and you will therefore find this fun. If not it still shows your good taste.. he he Julie.
Unknown said…
Those look like some yummy finds at the farmer's market! That one pic is making me hungry for salad, LOL!
Salmagundi said…
I'm thinking scones and strawberries for breakfast!! How about you? Stuff looks yummy! Sally
Everything looks delicious~just the way a farmers market should look...

Great pictures!!

Allidink said…
Wow that's a lot of rain. How fun :) I love farmers markets!

All the best,

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