100th Post and a Trip to Rockport

This is my 100th post. Wow, time does fly! Recently, I took a look back at my older posts and it was really interesting to see the path the blog has taken. When I started the blog I didn't have any particular theme in mind. I was just a banker looking for her creative side.

From the first post, I decided that I wanted to showcase my photos Now my blog revolves around the places I go, my love of food, and of course those adorable kitties.

Today the blog has become more personal and somewhat of a New England Travelogue. That's ok with me. I don't mind sharing with my readers what makes me tick or what ticks me off! On the flipside, I never get tired of reading your comments. A thoughtful comment is quite the adrenaline rush and makes me think, wow they really get it.

Since the blog has become as I said earlier a New England Travelogue, I thought it only fitting to share my photos of yesterday's trip to Rockport. Rockport is to me the Quintessential New England town. Enjoy the tour!

Clever idea, a windowbox in the shape of a boat!

My decadent dinner at Ellen's Harborside Restaurant. Fried clams and shrimp. baked potato and roasted vegetables. My sister, our friend Debbi, and I split a lemon berry marscapone cake for dessert. We found out the streudel shop was closed so we opted for dessert right after dinner.

We took a walk down Tuna Wharf. The evening light was perfect!

I never tire of photographing boats.

Chairs at the Yacht Club. Wonderful views of the ocean can be seen from these chairs.

All was calm down at the harbor last night.

Pastel skies are my favorite. I love this time of night.

Are you tired of the boat photos yet?

Such a pretty garden bench.

Window shopping at La Provence. Too bad it was closed for the evening.

We all loved these dresses. So sweet!

Last year, the Rockport Art Association building was white with black shutters. Now it's so cheery and colorful.

Kitty had a perch above the street.

Cool display outside a shop.

Cat on a hot tin roof? Not really, but this cat was quite the acrobat.

You can see clear through this restaurant to the ocean.

This one is self explanatory!

Anyone for a kayak ride?

Or maybe a romantic dinner? Perhaps next time I should bring a date!

My Place By The Sea Restaurant has the best location in Rockport. Located at the tip of Bearskin Neck, this restaurant has spectacular ocean views.
Should you find yourself in Massachusetts, add Rockport to your to do list. You certainly won't be disappointed!


Unknown said…
Congrats to your winner in the previous post!

Your photos of Rockport are so lovely! What an absolutely charming place! :)
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Beautiful photography!! Thank you for taking us on this tour of Rockport and congratulations on your 100th post!
I haven't been to Rockport in about...well, after doing some math I'm just going to say...a really long time. Your photo's are beautiful. I especially love the boat photo's.

I have to get down that way and soon! Your photos show New England in all it's summer-like glory.

Glad you enjoyed the day and the food, and brought back some wonderful memories to share : )

Allidink said…
*Sigh* I need to go back to Massachusetts and visit family. All those pictures have been in dreamy New Englandland in my head LOL. What a nice place. :) Congrats on your 100th post! I truly enjoy that you share so many nice places on the East Coast and even more your kitties!

All the best,
Michelle said…
CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th post!!! I actually love how you've turned the blog into a travelogue. I'm getting to know New England without the plane ride! :) I always enjoy your next trip. Thank you for bringing such excitement to my life for sure!! :)



P.S. Thank you so much for the warm birthday wishes!
kayellen said…
What beautiful photos!!!
I want to come visit right now!!
Happy 100th!!Posts good for you:)

Hugs to you Elaine and your sweet kitties too!

What a great post! Makes me want to come over there, right now. Thanks so much for sharing Rockport. So glad I found you!
:) Lidy
vicki archer said…
What a heavenly place and happy 100th post, xv.
Cindy said…
Ohhh I want to go to New England again!!! I wish California and New England were closer to each other!!! It looks so beautiful! I must have lived there in another life because I look at photos of New England and I feel homesick which is impossible since I've only been there twice in my life! haha!

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