Routine Keeps Us Sane

My sister once said, "Routine keeps us sane." I think the two of us might have been complaining about the lack of excitement in our lives.
One of my favorite routines is seeing my sweet Molly sitting in the dining room window waiting for my return home at night. She perches herself on the tea chest and befriends
the peacock lamp while she waits to see my car pull in the driveway.
By the time I reach the back door, she is there to greet me. I can hear her purring as little brother Oscar stands in the background.
I am home and happy to be with my furbabies! What a nice routine.


Allidink said…
Haha how cute is that! Cats are the best. What a sweet little kitty you've got :)

All the best,
I also believe it is the little things we cherish the most that keep us sane and grounded. Like Molly, I couldn't do without my animals. They bring me such joy and comfort.

Beautiful new header photo!
Salmagundi said…
That is a priceless photo!! I must be sane, as I am addicted to my routine. Sally
Donna said…
Great photo! Sounds like conversations I've had before... routine vs. excitement! Our Spotty is usually on his pillow in the LR bay window watching when we come home... Very sweet post... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage
Michelle said…
Awwwwww!!! So sweet. I would look totally silly and I'd be waving at her from down below. I wouldn't care what people think. Lol!
Cats can always be relied upon to be there when you need this photo of your cat waiting for you to get home, so sweet!
Ali x
Unknown said…
What a cute photo of your sweet kitty-cat waiting for you!
Anonymous said…
Routines can be quite nurturing too, and not boring at all.

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